With Android 4.2 Google introduced a new feature which essentially put panoramic images on steroids. Almost a year back Google unveiled a feature called Photo Sphere which allowed Android users to take panoramic pictures with their smartphones. At some point Android owners might have counted this as a leg up on their iOS counterparts but today Google went ahead and released the Photo Sphere app for iOS.

The native camera app in Android OS now includes the feature that was shown off last year. It allows users to take 360 degree immersive panoramic images using their smartphone’s camera.

Fire up the app and tap on the shutter to bring up virtual dots which guide the user as he or she tilts or rotates the camera to capture the scenery around them. Once the images are captured Photo Sphere stitches them all together. The final image can be scrolled to view a complete 360 degree picture.  If the process is following meticulously the end result is worth seeing particularly if you have a really good camera on that smartphone.

Google’s Photo Sphere app is now available for download free of cost through the iTunes App Store. Do take it for a spin and see what you can create using its powerful core feature.

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