The Moto 360 is an example of a fine looking smartwatch

The Moto 360 is an example of a fine looking smartwatch

I am quite sure that those of us who are pretty well versed with the latest fashion would know of the label GUESS, and part of GUESS’ spinoff is GUESS Watches, where they have teamed up with Martian Watches to roll out an upcoming wearable device that will be “powered by Martian”, resulting in an exciting synergy of fashion and technology. This particular announcement was made yesterday, where something more concrete ought to be announced some time early next year. Perhaps we might see an informal unveiling of sorts over at CES 2015?


It looks like the smartwatch market might just see a rapid expansion as conventional watchmakers who sit on the sidelines start to itch for a slice of the pie. I know the feeling – that some young ‘un who is still wet behind the ears entering an area of your expertise, and yet has started to thrive. Perhaps this allure of a smartwatch will eventually envelope the rest of the conventional watchmaker community.

It is encouraging to note that both brands claim that the upcoming hardware will not be another attempt at mimicking the smartphone on your wrist, as it will most probably be functional while having a dash of fashionable design to boot. [Press Release]

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