lg plasmaWhile plasma technology might have been the go-to technology when it came to making TVs back in the day, safe to say that the technology has since been replaced. Popular plasma OEMs such as Panasonic have announced that they would no longer be making plasma TVs. Well it looks like LG will be hopping on board the bandwagon as well.

Speaking during a media event held in Korea, LG Electronics’ home entertainment president, Ha Hyun-hwoi revealed that they are planning on putting a halt to their PDP production. The question is when, as opposed to if. According to Ha, “We are studying on when we should suspend the PDP business.”

LG is not the only company with plans to end the production of plasma. Aside from Panasonic, LG’s other South Korean rival, Samsung, has also announced their plans to end the production of plasma devices. Once LG quits the business, it seems that Chinese company Changhong Electric Co will be the only one left creating plasma displays.

However in a market where OLED TVs are starting to catch on, we can only assume that eventually Changhong Electric Co will have plans on exiting the market. In the meantime anyone else a little sad to see plasma go?

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