ms-miracast-dongleTo say that Microsoft has been supporting Miracast for some time now is an understatement, as Miracast technology enables one to share content without the need for any wires between a pair of devices. In order to assist Microsoft’s quest for a streaming ecosystem, it looks as though there is work being done on a dongle which will allow one to share content in a jiffy via the Miracast route. It is not exactly the same as Google’s Chromecast, but there are many similarities between the two, at least according to what has been revealed to date.

Microsoft’s offering will be short and small in stature, where it will hook up to TVs as well as other compatible devices so that those devices will be able to function as a media streaming device.

Taking into consideration on how Windows Phone 8.1 sports a feature that is known as ‘Project My Screen‘, muddied waters are cleared as to how this particular setup will function. One would use the Windows Phone device to pair up with such a dongle, sharing what you see on the device, right on the TV screen itself. It might come in handy during corporate boardroom presentations, although there is some place for it in the living room. Hopefully it will be affordable enough so that it can be adopted widely, and in turn, the economy of scale will drive its price down even further. At least it has already passed the FCC, which is a good indicator that it should not be too far away from a general release.

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