Last year after unveiling the Moto X smartphone Motorola launched a $20 accessory called Skip. Basically it allowed users to “skip” the lock screen letting them unlock the device with a single tap thanks to NFC technology. Now as the company is on track to launch its Moto X successor it looks like the Skip accessory might be getting a new model as well. A FCC filing reveals that this time around Skip will be able to do much more than simply bypassing the lock screen on Motorola’s smartphone.


The filing reveals that whenever the new Skip and a Motorola smartphone are in close proximity the lock screen will be bypassed. This feature is similar to the first-generation Skip. However the new model appears to have a rather useful feature up its proverbial sleeve.

Tracking a misplaced phone can often be hard, particularly if it gets buried under cushions or simply disappears beneath the pile of papers and books on a desk. Pressing the new Skip’s power button twice will make the smartphone ring so that its relatively easier to locate. This could come in handy when you misplace your phone someplace where you don’t have access to another phone to make a call.

The tracking feature will also work in the opposite direction. Attach Skip to a keychain and use an app to see where the accessory was last connected. Once you’re in range Skip will start beeping thus making it virtually impossible to lose your keys.

Pricing and availability information for the new Skip isn’t available right now but its likely that Motorola might talk about it at the September 4th press event.

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