Recently Microsoft very publicly announced that it is filing a complaint against Samsung for violating a patent licensing agreement. That particular agreement had been signed by the two companies in 2011. Microsoft said that the Korean giant wasn’t making royalty payments on time and was not agreeing to pay interest on the payments that it has missed since September 2013. A new report out of Korea suggests that both companies want to avoid confrontation in the courtroom and are now actively involved in talks to reach a settlement in this patent dispute.

The Korea Times hears from an industry official that “working level” talks have begun between Samsung and Microsoft. Apparently its Redmond’s willingness to settle this dispute and the matter may not take long since the core issue isn’t that complicated.

Both companies have to sit together and work out the renewal of the initial deal which is basically concerned for the royalty payments on Microsoft’s more than 300 patents that Samsung licenses. Rumor has it that Samsung wants to renegotiate the price with Microsoft and that its hoping for a better deal.

Microsoft has an obvious incentive of maintaining good relationship with Samsung, its the world’s largest mobile vendor and Microsoft needs OEMs like Samsung to further Windows Phone in the smartphone market.

There has been no comment from either company on these talks but if the complaint is retracted we’ll know for sure that they have reached an amicable settlement.

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