gear-vr-leakSamsung does want to get in on the virtual reality market as well, and they intend to dip their fingers and toes into this niche with the Samsung Gear VR. Of course, an image of the Samsung Gear VR was leaked a couple of weeks ago, this does not mean that there will be no more leaks down the road. What you see above are later leaks that show off alleged photos of the Samsung Gear VR from the front, alongside reflections from the factory’s neon lights, which does add some credibility to the shot, finished with the traditional blurrycam mode.


Assuming the above happens to be the real deal, the Samsung Gear VR certainly looks very different from what we have in the market at the moment – or whatever that will roll out in time to come. At the front side of the goggles, one will find mirrors, and there were several units spotted that have yet to receive a paint job.

Others have been drenched in a classic shade of Samsung blue, and hence, it would not be too far off the mark to claim that Samsung will be rolling out the Samsung Gear VR in blue. This is a departure from what Google might look into in the future, that is, to introduce more normal looking glasses for the Google Glass project.

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