office-365-studentNow, we all know that students are not exactly the richest demographic of the lot when you take the majority of them into consideration, although you can be sure that in each higher institution of learning, you will find an elite group who seem to have it all – good looks, the ability to ace their exams without having to open a book, and plenty of money to throw around. For the average student who might even need to work part time in order to pull through a semester, however, every single dollar (and cent) counts. Which is why Microsoft is making Office 365 University available to students for just $79.95, where they then get to dabble with the likes of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Not only eligible students will be able to take advantage of this offer, since faculty members and staff too, who hail from qualifying schools, will be able to purchase a 4-year subscription to Office 365 University at that price point. Office 365 University does come with a slew of time-saving features to help you be more efficient in your work, while it delivers a clean, modern look so that all your programs, school assignments and personal projects are able to be completed in double quick time. Not only that, the advantage of saving all of your work onto OneDrive makes them virtually accessible regardless of where you are, now how about that?

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