If you’ve ever been a student in college or university, then you are probably familiar with all the different tricks and methods that students get up to in order to scrap enough money for food and entertainment. Basically that translates to living on a rather tight budget which means that other things we want might be out of reach. Fortunately Microsoft has a plan and has since announced Microsoft Office 365 University Edition. Priced at $80, this edition of Microsoft Office 365 will last you the duration of the course (four years) and will include the essentials – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

On top of that Microsoft will also be bundling 20GB of free storage of SkyDrive and thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, owners of the University Edition will also be given 60 Skype world minutes every month, letting students call their friends and family. Naturally this edition of Microsoft Office 365 will only be eligible to full- and/or part-time university or college students, faculty and staff in accredited institutions.

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