keurig20The thing about coffee machines like Nespresso or Keurig is that they “force” you to use capsules made by them. This isn’t a big deal if you love the taste of their capsules, but there are some coffee drinkers out there who might prefer having more options or cheaper options. Keurig attempted to lock in their customers by enforcing a DRM in their machines which basically did not allow other capsules to be used with the machine.

Naturally this did not sit well with customers and third-party coffee pod makers who essentially just lost out on a whole lot of business, but thankfully according to recent reports, it seems that the DRM Keurig implemented has since been “defeated”. This was announced by Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee who revealed that that their RealCup capsules are fully compatible with the Keurig 2.0 machine.

Unfortunately the company did not mention how they managed to achieve this. There are several possibilities here – either Mother Parker is engaging in false advertising, or they have really managed to create capsules that found a workaround the DRM implemented by Keurig, or if they have managed to reach some kind of deal with the company to allow the use of their capsules.

The third option seems like a very good possibility, although the company’s statement of “ensuring continued freedom of choice for consumers” seems to suggest that they have managed to hack the system. Either way if you’re a Keurig 2.0 user, perhaps you could give Mother Parker’s RealCup capsules a try to see if they really work.

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