Keurig is a company coffee lovers are probably familiar with. Similar to the style of Nespresso, Keurig’s machines can brew up a cup of coffee using coffee pods. However it looks like Keurig has plans to expand beyond just coffee. Earlier this month we saw how it was possible to brew a cup of soup, now it looks like Keurig wants to enter the world of sodas.

Now before you think Keurig plans on taking on the big boys of soda like Coca-Cola, think again. The company’s recently announced system the Keurig Kold was actually a partnership between the company and Coca-Cola themselves. Basically what this machine does is it gives users the ability to take regular water, make it fizzy, and makes themselves a batch of soda from the comfort of their own home.

Now soda-makers aren’t new, but Keurig claims that their system will not rely on CO2 canisters so if you’re looking to save some space, this could do the trick. The machines will also be able to dispense cold beverages so you won’t have to bother with ice. In terms of flavors, Keurig will be selling Kold pods which is basically the soda equivalent of their coffee pods.

There will be pods from Coca-Cola, such as regular Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite. Keurig will also offer other brands such as Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, and Fanta, with Keurig planning to eventually sell their own line of sodas as well. The machine and the pods are currently available for pre-order via Keurig’s website for $370, with the pods coming in four-packs at $5 each. It is expected to begin shipping in October.

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