xboxlivegaming-limitedIt was earlier today that those who grooved to Sony’s PlayStation online services experienced some downtime which has been attributed to a cyberattack – although the PlayStation Network has recovered since. Xbox owners should not laugh at this, since Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, too, was not exempt as it saw some of its services being limited in reach, although it has yet to be determined that the downtime is attributed to a DDOS attack.


Online services might be the new trump card, so to speak, when it comes to both Sony and Microsoft’s strategy to help their latest generation consoles stand out from the rest of the crowd. Well, I guess for all of the differentiation that they would like to use to state their case, the downtime is one similarity that is hauntingly real, and one where they are unable to run away from.

Considering how one pays for the Xbox’s online service, an outage is definitely a serious issue to contend with, since it translates to not getting your money’s worth. Both “Social and Gaming” and “Xbox Live Core Services” were affected as shown off on the Xbox Live status page. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to fix this particular issue on the double.

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