cortana-envelopeMicrosoft’s personal digital assistant, Cortana, has definitely come under the limelight over the course of the summer for being able to predict results of the World Cup in an accurate manner, and this time around, we have word that Cortana will work on predicting results concerning the upcoming NFL season over in the US. In other words, one is able to throw as many questions as possible to Cortana concerning the upcoming NFL match, and she will provide you with her prediction.

When it comes to professional football, analyzing the possible results could prove challenging. Some folks have said that the history of past results are no indicator of what the future will be, and to a certain extent, that is correct, although we can never underestimate the power of an albatross hanging around a team’s neck. Not only that, there are other factors such as the venue, playing surface and roof cover, weather and temperature conditions, the works. Microsoft’s Cortana intends to take all of that into consideration and share its predictions with those who are willing to take a chance.

If you are a betting person, perhaps it might not be so prudent to let Cortana lay down the bets on your behalf. One thing Cortana won’t be able to screw up is this – world time and currency conversions. [Press Release]

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