intel-micaWhen it comes to modern day timepieces, it looks as though the smartwatch market is going to make gains and new inroads into the traditional watch industry. However, not all smartwatches look great, although advancements like mass production of the circular plastic OLED display as found in the LG G Watch R would certainly help to an extent. Intel might want to have a say in the future of good looking wearable technology, as functionality alone is not good enough to push a product these days, which is why they came up with a smart bracelet that is known as MICA.

The MICA was developed in partnership with Barneys New York, and it will come with a rather high price tag – one to the tune of no more than $1,000, actually. This is rather insane – but then again, when it comes to high fashion, the arguments about price tend to get thrown out of the window.

Just what does MICA stand for? It is actually My Intelligent Communication, Accessory, where one will be able to pick it up in black or white snakeskin designs alongside pearls and other stones. Each of these models sport a 1.6” curved sapphire touchscreen display, as well as a 3G radio, not to mention being able to display notifications. One can pair it up with a smartphone or tablet if you so desire, and even wireless charging is supported.

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