Perceptive-PixelIt was a couple of years ago that Microsoft completed their acquisition of Perceptive Pixel (PPI), where PPI was then known to be the manufacturer of huge touch displays which do play a rather important role when it boils down to the business and education sectors. After all, PPI’s screens happen to also see plenty of stage time thanks to Microsoft boasting of the ‘touch-first’ capabilities found in Windows 8 at its launch.

Since the acquisition went through, PPI has more or less laid low, although it must be said that the cost of ownership of such huge displays have started to go down to more ‘affordable’ price points – relatively speaking, of course. After all, would you fork out $7,500 for the 55” model? This might not sound like much to large sized, public listed companies, but smaller businesses would certainly balk at that sticker price tag.

We have received word that Microsoft’s Stephen Elop himself mentioned about the company’s plans to start a mass production of PPI displays in due time, but there was no further elaboration on what Microsoft has in store, although it does seem as though Microsoft would like to extend the availability of its productivity-focused touch displays in order to make it more relevant and affordable to the masses. Only time will be able to tell if Microsoft’s plans come to fruition or not, so stay tuned!

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