This is going to be a good week for tech lovers. One of the biggest technology trade shows, IFA, is taking place this week in Berlin. Major companies are going to show off their new products, these include the likes of Samsung as well. Not only is the company expected to unveil new mobile devices, it may even show off a “Quantum Dots” TV at IFA 2014.

The Korea Times hears from company officials and sources that Samsung may release a prototype of the LCD TV that uses “Quantum Dots” technology, which is referred to as the next-generation color viewing technology.

Home appliance makers come out in full force at IFA so the venue seems to be right for Samsung if it wants to show off this prototype. As opposed to conventional LCD screens, QD screens can provide better image quality and are poised to compete against OLED TVs. Since high color gamut performance is a salient feature of the QD technology, they can enable LCDs to deliver similar gamut performance as compared to OLEDs.

It is also claimed that Samsung’s rival LG will also be out with its own QD TV at IFA 2014. Initially only a prototype will be shown off so it can’t be said for sure when TVs with this new technology will hit the market.

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