lg-logo-001-640x480Whenever a device is about to hit the market in the US, you can be sure that it will need to go through the nuances at the FCC first. It looks like there is a spanking new LG device that is all set for a release, as the relevant documents for it have been spotted on the FCC website that bears the product number “H815PX”. This does sound rather curious, taking into consideration how the LG G4’s product number for the South American and South African variant happens to be “H815P”.

Hence, could we be looking at a new version of the LG G4 for the US, or will it be some sort of variant that we have not heard of before? Do bear in mind that the US variants for the LG G4 see the numbers “H810”, and “H811” for AT&T and T-Mobile, respectively, where as Sprint and Verizon models have dropped the “H” prefix, settling instead for “LS” and “VS”, respectively.

The FCC documents point to wireless charging as a major feature of this upcoming device, which is interesting since the original LG G4 launched did not carry that feature. In order to enjoy wireless charging, one had to pick up an optional charging cover – and that meant added cost. All in all, might this be a slight improvement over the LG G4 that will feature native wireless charging capability right out of the box?

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