netflix_martial_artsNetflix plays host to quite a number of TV shows and movies, and if you know what you want, you can probably search for it (assuming that Netflix has what you’re looking for). However if you’re more in a discovery mood, Netflix’s recommendations are pretty decent too, but what if you wanted something a little unexpected?

Turns out that there are some secret codes that you can use if you want to unlock some of Netflix’s hidden categories. If you’ve noticed, when you browse Netflix on your computer the URL will typically have a 4-digit number at the end. By changing that number, you will actually come across some show categories you might not have expected.

There are currently two websites – here and here – that are hosting the various codes that you can check out. However as pointed out by Gizmodo, some of these codes don’t actually work either because Netflix has shifted the libraries around, or if they are not available in your region. Essentially these codes narrow your movie choices down even further if you’re after a genre that’s more specific.

Netflix recently expanded to 130 new countries which means there are a ton of new users out there, so if you’re new to Netflix (or if you’re a seasoned user looking to try something new), then perhaps these codes could be worth exploring, just to get an idea of what Netflix could offer you.

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