Netflix has confirmed during its press conference today at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 that it’s expanding to 130 new countries, there’s no wait, the online streaming service is live in all of those countries starting today. “Today you are witnessing the birth of a new global Internet TV network,” said Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, pointing out the fact that the service is now truly global as it’s available in more than 190 countries combined.

Newly added countries include the likes of Russia and India where it was already rumored that Netflix would be expanding to soon, I don’t think the rumor mill expected that Netflix would announce an expansion into 130 countries simultaneously.

China is not on the list of supported countries and Netflix says that it will continue to explore ways to bring its service to potential users in the People’s Republic. It also points out that the service won’t be available in North Korea, Crimea and Syria due to restrictions on American companies by the U.S. government.

Netflix was previously live in 60 countries, the list gradually grew since it was launched back in 2007, this is surely the biggest expansion that it has made, and obviously the only because there aren’t an additional 130 countries that it can expand to. The full list of supported countries is now live on the company’s website.

Subscription pricing is likely to slightly vary depending upon the market, Netflix has also announced that it’s going to work with LG to bring prepaid access to its service in markets where credit card-based recurring subscriptions aren’t prevalent.

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