Netflix regularly teams up with TV manufacturers to have a separate button on the remote which takes viewers to the Netflix app with just one touch of the button. This brings in more potential users for Netflix while giving existing subscribers a one-stop solution for launching their favorite streaming app. As one of the largest suppliers of TV, Netflix would want a similar arrangement with Samsung, but it appears that the Korean giant has turned down this request.

According to a report out of Korea, Netflix asked Samsung to include a dedicated Netflix button in its 2016 smart TVs but the company is said to have turned down the request after consideration. It apparently came down to not changing its product design due to a partnership with another company.

Samsung doesn’t mind having a partnership with Netflix but the company’s management reportedly though that it’s not right to design products which are biased to one specific company, that it’s not desirable for a manufacturer to choose priority list of various content sources be it cable or online streaming.

It’s also claimed that despite not coming to an agreement on this matter, Netflix and Samsung will carry out a joint promotional event in the near future to solidify their partnership that puts the Netflix app on the company’s smart TVs.

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