uber-restaurantThe thing about Uber is that they know your location because otherwise how would they know where to pick you up and where to drop you off, right? Now it seems that instead of just using that data for trips, Uber will now be using your trip data for restaurant recommendations as the company has launched what they are calling the Uber Restaurant Guide.

So how does this work? Instead of being based off reviews, Uber’s Restaurant Guide will rely on popularity, as in how many people get dropped off or picked up at a particular restaurant. Granted this isn’t exactly the most accurate way to gauge how popular a place is, but if there are a ton of people getting picked up or dropped off, chances are it might be somewhere that could be worth checking out.

As the folks at TechCrunch points out, it will be an interesting way for Uber to make use of their data. While the company seems to be doing well as a ride-sharing service, branching out and starting to offer different kinds of services could help the company’s growth in the long run.

Also at the moment, the Uber Restaurant Guide is only available on the web, but it is possible that in the future Uber could somehow integrate it into their app. Also for now for its launch, only 12 cities in the US are covered, but presumably we will see it expand to other markets in the future. In the meantime if you’re interested in checking out the list of popular restaurants, hit up Uber’s website for the details.

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