Uber Might Buy Careem, Its Biggest Middle East Rival

While Uber has exited some markets in Southeast Asia, it most recently sold out to Grab in the region, the company is reportedly looking to acquire its biggest rival in the Middle East. According to a new report, Uber is in talks to acquire Dubai-based Careem for a price between $2-2.5 billion.

Uber Is Testing Out Its Own Traffic Estimates System

We’re sure that many have called for an Uber in which based on its location on the map, it seems like it could be pretty close, but for some reason it ends up taking way longer than expected. There could be many reasons behind this, but soon Uber riders can knock one of those reasons off their list – traffic.

Uber App Redesigned As Company Changes Logo

Uber has decided to change its logo two years after unveiling the one that’s now being replaced. The new logo is simply a wordmark version which puts that company’s name front and center. The new logo also brings back the “U” which is easily recognizable as being associated with the ride-hailing service.

Uber Expands In Japan With Taxi App For Nagoya

Uber’s business model relies on the average car owner. You sign up for its platform and pick up rides whenever you want to earn money on the side. That’s how its business runs across the globe but Japan is a rare exception. Its service hasn’t arrived there as regulations don’t allow non-professional drivers to transport paying customers. Nevertheless, it has been trying to establish its foothold in the country with […]


Uber Launches New Safety Features For Drivers & Riders

In the news we usually hear about how ride-sharing drivers have committed crimes against passengers, but that’s not to say that the reverse isn’t true or hasn’t happened either. Since it is essentially a stranger getting into another car of a stranger, it’s hard to say what could happen. This is why Uber has announced several new safety features for both its drivers and riders.

Uber Says They Have No Plans To Sell Self-Driving Car Division

We know that Uber has been testing out self-driving cars, but as you might have heard, there was a fatal accident involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars which no doubt put the brakes on the company’s self-driving plans. For example earlier this year they announced that they would not be renewing their self-driving permit in California.

Uber Riders With Low Ratings Will Be Banned From The Service

When it comes to Uber ratings of drivers and riders, it works both ways where riders might not be comfortable with the idea of a driver with a low rating, and drivers might be less willing to pick up a rider with a low rating. Those are some of the implications behind low ratings, but it looks like it could be taken further.

You Can Now Pay For Uber With Venmo

It was announced back in July that Uber will soon be able to accept Venmo as a payment method for rides and Uber Eats. It has taken a couple of months for the payment service to be accepted by Uber. The ride-hailing service has now started sending out emails to users informing them that they will be able to pay for Uber with Venmo.

Toyota Confirms $500 Million Investment In Uber

It was reported yesterday that Toyota might decide to invest $500 million in Uber for self-driving cars. The report wasn’t immediately confirmed by either company but it has now been formally revealed that Toyota is indeed investing $500 million in the ride-hailing service that has long been working on self-driving cars.

Toyota Could Invest $500 Million Into Uber’s Self-Driving Technology

There are many transportation companies that are working towards developing self-driving cars. However many of them seem to be working independently from each other, which admittedly probably isn’t as efficient, although not surprising since we imagine that these companies would want to keep their technological advances a secret.

Uber Uses AI To Determine If Your Trips Are Personal Or Business

People use Uber for work trips and personal trips, and sometimes in the heat of the moment, we might accidentally expense a work trip to our own personal account, and a personal trip to our work accounts. This means that it can get messy trying to sort out all the receipts and what not, but Uber is here to help.

New York City Votes To Cap Uber And Lyft Cars

In a setback for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, The New York City Council has voted in favor of a cap on the number of for-hire delivery and transportation vehicles that can ply on the streets of the Big Apple. The council has voted to stop the issuance of new for-hire vehicle licenses for a year as it closely gauges the booming industry.

Michigan Resident Uses Horse And Buggy For ‘Amish Uber’ Service

An Amish man hailing from the Colon village in Michigan has launched his own ride-hailing service of sorts which relies on a horse and buggy. He’s got a fun name for it, Timothy Hochstedler is calling his service “Amish Uber.” It’s nothing more than a horse-drawn carriage for hire and for $5, Hochstedler will take riders across the Amish area in a carriage that’s pulled by a Morgan horse.

Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Project Shut Down

Uber’s self-driving program was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The company grounded its entire fleet of self-driving cars after a fatal accident involving one of its vehicles in Arizona. It has only just put the cars back on public roads but that too in manual mode. The company has now confirmed that it has shut down its self-driving truck project.