‘Uber Pet’ Feature Lets Drivers Know If Animals Will Be In Their Cars

While most of the time, our pets stay at home, there are times when we need to take them out, like to the vet. However, not all Uber drivers might relish the idea of ferrying an animal in their cars. This is because of a variety of issues, like allergies, smell, concerns about the animal making a mess, and so on.

‘Uber Copter’ Is A Flying Taxi To Help You Travel For $200

Almost everyone is fed up with the traffic and the time it requires to commute from one place to another. For some, it might be a quick journey to work but for the rest, it involves a lot of time.What if you could travel from one point to another without any traffic and unwanted obstacles?Uber Copter is here to save you from all the hassle.  It existed before – however, […]

Uber Testing Subscription That Bundles Rides, Food Delivery, Scooters, And Bikes

Uber does much more now than just enabling you to find a driver to take you to your destination. It does food delivery, bike and scooter rentals, and even helicopter rides. The company is reportedly testing a new monthly subscription which will bundle its most major services into one package. This bundle will include food delivery through Uber Eats, bike and scooter rentals as well as the core service which […]

Uber Riders Charged 100x More Than What They Owed

An Uber error caused quite a bit of stir yesterday when some riders reported that they had been charged 100 times more than what they had owed for their ride. One user was charged $2,053 for a ride that actually cost them $20.53. The issue was reported by users in multiple countries but Uber was quick to address it.


Uber Wants To Help You Buy AirPods And Amazon Echos

Uber has a partnership with a startup called Cargo which allows its riders to purchase minor items like snacks or charging cables from consoles inside the vehicle. The two companies are now kicking things up a notch with a more substantial shopping experience that offers items like Apple AirPods and Oculus Go virtual reality headsets. Uber drivers obviously won’t be carrying around all of this gear with them at all […]

Uber Comfort Offers Extra Amenities Without Uber Black Rates

Uber Black is the ride-hailing service’s expensive tier. You’re essentially getting a black car-like experience with the tier as compared to Uber X which is the entry-level tier. The company has now launched a new tier called Uber Comfort which will provide riders with additional amenities without charging Uber Black rates.

Uber Now Shows Bikes And Scooters Prominently In App

Uber has been working on micromobility solutions as well with scooters and bikes. The company today announced that it’s now integrating micromobility into its core services. Not only will Uber’s app show bikes and scooters from JUMP but from Lime as well in the main app. This is the first time that Uber has displayed a third-party’s services so prominently in its own app.This is being done on a limited […]

Uber To Begin Food Delivery With Drones This Summer

Uber may soon get into the drone delivery business as well. A new report claims that Uber is looking to start food deliveries through drones this summer. The service will initially be available in San Diego. Uber has been talking about the possibility of running a trial here since last year and today’s report suggests that it may be close to doing that.

Uber Will Offer Helicopter Rides In New York City

NYC traffic got you down? Why not take a helicopter to catch your next flight out of JFK airport. Starting next month, Uber will start offering helicopter rides between JFK and Lower Manhattan. Users will be able to book the Uber Copter rides through its app.

Uber Tests Folding Uber Eats Into Its Main App

Uber and Uber Eats are separate apps, where one lets you order a car and the other will let you order food. However, it seems that maybe not enough users are using Uber Eats because the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that they are testing folding its Uber Eats app into its main app.

Uber May Allow Riders To Pick ‘Favorite’ Drivers

It could be by pure chance that you get the same Uber driver at some point in the future. The service operators by connecting you to drivers that can get to you the fastest, not to those that you prefer to ride with over and over again. However, it might do that in the future.

Riders With Below Average Ratings Will Be Deactivated From Uber

The driver and ratings system has long been a part of Uber’s service. However, the only real implication was felt by drivers who could see their bonuses curtailed or even access to the service limited if they were consistently rated poorly. Drivers could also rate passengers but it didn’t seem to change much. That’s no longer going to be the case. Uber today confirmed that it will start deactivating riders […]

U.S. Labor Agency Says Uber Drivers Are Contractors, Not Employees

This has long been a debate among Uber drivers and the company amid talk of the former unionizing for increased benefits. Uber maintains that the drivers are contractors and a U.S. labor agency agrees with it. The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has concluded that drivers for Uber are employees, not contractors.

Uber Riders Can Now Indicate Their Preference For Less Chatty Drivers

While some people are just naturally sociable and have no problems chatting with everyone about anything and everything, others aren’t. In fact, some might find it uncomfortable making small talk with strangers. The good news is that if you’re not a fan of chatty Uber drivers, you can make your preferences known.