Uber Applies For Permission To Test Their Self-Driving Cars Again

We know that Uber has been testing self-driving cars, although unfortunately earlier this year, one of the company’s self-driving cars was involved in a fatal accident. This eventually led to the company putting an end to their self-driving tests, and for a moment it seemed like they might have put it on the backburner.

Uber Ride Pass Is A Monthly Subscription Service To Make Rides Cheaper

Uber today launched a new subscription service called Ride Pass. It’s an attempt on the company’s part to keep users hooked to its ride-hailing service. The subscription service is available in five cities initially and will provide subscribers with flat rates on all UberX and UberPool trips taken during that month.

Uber Will Give $10 Off On Rides Come Election Day

Tech companies have been playing an important role in getting people out to vote. Snapchat’s voter registration drive has led to over 400,000 people registering to vote. Uber has been making similar efforts and the ride-hailing company today announced that it’s going to give $10 off on rides come election day.

London Will Be Uber’s First All-Electric Market

To aid efforts to cut pollution in England’s capital, Uber has announced that London is going to be its first all-electric market. It aims that all of its taxis in the city will be electric by 2025. To nudge drivers in this direction, the company is now adding a clean air free to rides so that drivers can start opting for greener vehicles.


Uber Eats Looking To Reach 70% Of U.S. Population By Year’s End

Uber’s food delivery service, aptly called Uber Eats, has grown considerably overseas. The company is now focusing on growth at home. It has said that Uber Eats will be looking to reach 70 percent of the U.S. population by the end of this year. There’s only a couple of months left in 2018 so this is certainly going to be an ambitious effort on the company’s part.

Uber Could Be Eyeing 2021 Launch Of Drone Food Delivery Service

With UberEATS, Uber has gone from a mere ride hailing service to a service that also delivers food to customers, taking advantage of its infrastructure and also its drivers. However it seems that the company could be thinking of expanding on those services by potentially using drones to deliver food.

Uber May Start Providing On-Demand Workers

You can get a car at any time you want with Uber. Just launch the app, punch in your destination, and you’ll be on your way soon enough. It dominates the on-demand ride-hailing market in key regions across the globe and as the company gears up for its potential IPO next year, it appears to be looking into additional businesses. One of those businesses could involve providing staff to business […]

Uber Introduces VoIP Calling Feature To Its App

One of the ways Uber drivers and/or riders can get in touch with the other person is by sending messages or calling them the old fashioned way. However for those who might prefer communicating over the internet, such as VoIP calls, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Uber has recently introduced the feature to its app.

Uber Offers Free Rides On Election Day

Uber wants people to go out and vote in the 2018 elections. The company’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says that Uber wants to do its part in supporting the country’s democratic process. So it’s thus helping voters register and get to the polls come Election Day. Uber will be deploying its resources to make it easier for Uber riders in the country to get to their polling place.

Uber Reportedly Discussing Acquisition With Deliveroo

Uber already runs a food delivery service of its own called Uber Eats and it may be looking to acquire a food delivery firm to further bolster this effort. According to a new report, Uber is in talks to acquire a food delivery company called Deliveroo. It’s unclear how much Uber is willing to pay for the company but it would understandably have to be above Deliveroo’s latest valuation.

Uber Might Buy Careem, Its Biggest Middle East Rival

While Uber has exited some markets in Southeast Asia, it most recently sold out to Grab in the region, the company is reportedly looking to acquire its biggest rival in the Middle East. According to a new report, Uber is in talks to acquire Dubai-based Careem for a price between $2-2.5 billion.

Uber Is Testing Out Its Own Traffic Estimates System

We’re sure that many have called for an Uber in which based on its location on the map, it seems like it could be pretty close, but for some reason it ends up taking way longer than expected. There could be many reasons behind this, but soon Uber riders can knock one of those reasons off their list – traffic.

Uber App Redesigned As Company Changes Logo

Uber has decided to change its logo two years after unveiling the one that’s now being replaced. The new logo is simply a wordmark version which puts that company’s name front and center. The new logo also brings back the “U” which is easily recognizable as being associated with the ride-hailing service.

Uber Expands In Japan With Taxi App For Nagoya

Uber’s business model relies on the average car owner. You sign up for its platform and pick up rides whenever you want to earn money on the side. That’s how its business runs across the globe but Japan is a rare exception. Its service hasn’t arrived there as regulations don’t allow non-professional drivers to transport paying customers. Nevertheless, it has been trying to establish its foothold in the country with […]