Many companies are discovering that subscriptions are the way of the future to generate revenue. This is because subscriptions can be priced lower than one-off purchases, and it locks customers in for longer periods of time, ensuring a steady stream of revenue for the company.

It looks like Uber is looking to boost its subscription service as the company has announced the Uber One program. Priced at $10 a month, or $100 a year, it gives subscribers access to a bunch of perks. This includes priority service for ridesharing, $5 in Uber Cash for late orders, $0 delivery fees for food and groceries, special promotions and offers, discounts on rides, and more.

Of course, there is some fine print and that is for some of the perks, such as free deliveries, it only applies to restaurants participating in the Uber One program, so there is a chance your favorite restaurant might not support it, but we suppose that’s a chance you’ll have to take. However, at $10 a month, it’s not too bad of a deal, especially if you order often as this could save you quite a bit on delivery fees.

This isn’t Uber’s first attempt at subscriptions. The company had in 2018 launched the Uber Ride Pass program, but according to the company’s help page, they will be transitioning to the Uber One program.

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