For a while it seemed that carriers were done offering unlimited data plans, but for some reason Verizon decided to bring those plans back, and now it looks like AT&T will be following suit. In a press release, AT&T has announced that starting tomorrow (17th of February, 2017), the carrier will be introducing a new AT&T Unlimited plan.

According to AT&T’s announcement, this new unlimited plan will include unlimited talk time, unlimited text, and unlimited data on four lines at $180. The carrier adds, “You can also make unlimited calls from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico, and send unlimited texts to over 120 countries. Plus, customers on this plan can talk, text and use data in Canada and Mexico with no roaming charges when they add the Roam North America feature for no additional charge.”

Now some of you guys might be wondering, didn’t AT&T already offer up such a plan in the past? Indeed they did, but before this only DirecTV customers were eligible to purchase unlimited data from the carrier, but now it seems that AT&T is opening it up to pretty much any new or existing customer.

However unlimited isn’t truly unlimited because AT&T has put a soft cap at 22GB of data, in which users exceeding this amount could potentially have their speeds reduced during periods of network congestion, but if you typically don’t go over this amount then you should be fine.

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