Image credit - Business Insider

Image credit – Business Insider

The LG G6 will more likely than not be revealed at MWC 2017, at least that’s what LG’s invite seems to suggest. However if you can’t wait to get a look at the phone, not to worry because thanks to a recently leaked photo that was sent in to Business Insider, we now have an idea of what the phone looks like in real-life.

The photo seems to be in line with other leaked photos/renderings, but given that there is a hand covering the back of the phone it’s hard to make out all of the details. However like we said, from what we can tell it looks similar to previous leaks. It also seems to confirm that LG could have slimmed down the camera bump on the back, and it also confirms that LG will be sticking to the dual camera lens setup.

The fingerprint sensor will still remain on the back of the phone so if you were hoping for some under-the-screen optical/ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, you would be disappointed. Also based on the sleek design it pretty much confirms that LG has decided to do away with the modular system that they debuted with the LG G5.

That being said there is an interesting rumor as of late that suggests that the LG G6 could have different features for different markets. For example we heard that the LG G6 for Korea could have mobile payments support, while the LG G6 for the rest of the world will have wireless charging instead. Take it with a grain of salt, but check back with us on the 26th of February for the details.

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