While Apple’s iPad Pro is definitely not the cheapest iPad we’ve seen, and the Apple Pencil being one of the most expensive stylus we’ve come across, reviews of the tablet and the stylus have been fantastic. Artists and graphic designers have lauded praise onto the combination, claiming that the experience offers up an almost lag-free interface.

However if there is one drawback it is that no matter how smooth the input feels, it isn’t quite the same as drawing on paper, which is what a Kickstarter project called PaperLike is trying to change. On the surface it looks like PaperLike is a screen protector, which we guess it is, but its creator claims that it will offer up a texture for the iPad Pro that makes it feel like you’re drawing on paper.

Its creator writes, “I was blown away by its responsiveness and palm rejection, but regrettably the plasticky feel when writing on the iPad with the Apple Pencil really disappointed me, as I really missed the haptic feedback […] After some extensive research and testing we made the PaperLike. It is a screen shield that makes writing on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil feel like writing on paper. It is incredible how it completes the iPad Pro experience.”

Whether or not PaperLike has successfully achieved this is unclear since we can’t actually try it for ourselves. However if you’re curious a pledge of €19 will nab one one PaperLike for the 12.9-inch model, or €17 for the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

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