The world’s largest social network brought its Snapchat Stories clone to Facebook proper back in March this year. Like Snapchat Stories, users can post videos and photos to their Facebook Story throughout the day and all of it disappears automatically the following day. However, Facebook users could only share their stories with their friends on select contacts on the social network. Now, they can share them publicly.

The ability to share stories on Facebook publicly will vastly increase their visibility. It will let users share them with people they don’t have as contacts as Facebook but don’t mind sharing a particular story with them.

This change was first spotted by Carlos Gil, a social media researcher, and has since been confirmed by Facebook. The social network said that “This is something we rolled out a few weeks ago. The Public setting allows your Followers to see your story, in addition to your Friends.”

In order to share a story publicly, users have to allow public followers and post their story publicly so that any and all followers are able to view it. As far as Pages are concerned with regards to posting stories, Facebook says that “For Pages – no specific timing to share there quite yet.”

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