Many of you guys might be familiar with the workplace chat app Slack, which is used by companies to communicate with each other. However when it comes to gaming, Discord can be thought of as the Slack but for gaming, and recently the company has announced that they will be testing out a couple of new features.


These features come in the form of video chats and screen sharing. This means that just like Skype and other messaging platforms, you will be able to use Discord to conduct video calls with your team members or individuals (although right now video calls are limited to just one-on-one).

As for screen sharing, we guess this is pretty straightforward as it lets users share their screens with others, which might be handy if you want to watch them game, or if you want to talk strategy for raids and team battles with the use of visual aids. However these features are currently undergoing testing and are only available to 5% of Discord’s users.

According to Discord, the reason for the testing is to try and determine how much bandwidth is needed to ensure smooth usage of said features. The team is hoping to have it ready in a month, but depending on how well the testing goes it could take longer. We’re not sure how one is selected to be part of the 5%, so if you don’t see it available to you then we guess you did not make the cut.

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