Before Apple moved to its Apple Silicon chipsets, there was already a bit of disparity between the number of apps available for macOS and Windows. This is because not all developers wanted to or could be bothered to create an app for macOS, especially since there are way more Windows users in the world.

Now with the Apple Silicon chipset, it makes things even trickier as developers now need to consider the ARM architecture of the Apple Silicon chipsets, but the good news is that it looks like we’re getting there slowly. If you’re a Discord user, you might be pleased to learn that the company is working on a beta version of the app which is designed to run natively on the M1 Mac computers.

As it stands, Discord can be used on M1 Macs but it is translated using Apple’s Rosetta 2 tool. While the app works just fine, having a native app is obviously better. This is because it would created with the hardware in mind which means that not only does it have the potential to run better, but it could also be more energy efficient and take advantage of the M1 chipset.

There is no word on when the final version will be available to the public, so unless you’re willing to try out the beta, you will just have to remain patient and wait like the rest of us.

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