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Discord Will Integrate Into The PlayStation Network In 2022
Not too long ago, there were rumors suggesting that Discord and Microsoft were in talks where Microsoft was apparently interested in acquiring the company. It made a lot of sense as to why Microsoft could be interested, especially since Discord is known as a platform gamers use to communicate, so acquiring them and integrating their services into the Xbox platform makes sense.

Discord Reportedly Ends Acquisition Talks With Microsoft
Last month, it was reported that Discord was reportedly in talks about a potential sale to Microsoft. The report claimed that the talks were “exclusive” and could lead to a potential acquisition by Microsoft, but now according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, that will no longer be happening.

Discord Decides To Reverse iOS Ban On NSFW Servers
Last week, Discord announced that iOS users would no longer be able to access NSFW servers on their mobile devices through the app. It was suggested that this was due to Apple’s App Store policy that says that apps that contain certain types of content could be removed from the App Store.

Discord Blocks iOS Users From Accessing NSFW Servers
Discord has evolved from being merely an app that gamers use to chat with each other to a platform where people can come together and talk and discuss various topics. Given the variety of topics, obviously some Discord servers have been marked as NSFW, which is fine, but there is some bad news for iOS users.


Discord Launches Its Clubhouse Competitor With ‘Stage Channels’
Right now, Clubhouse seems to be the social media platform to beat and to copy. We’ve already seen companies like Twitter work on something similar, and just last month, it also appeared that Discord could be creating their own version of Clubhouse. Turns out the reports were right on the money.

Microsoft Reportedly In ‘Exclusive’ Talks To Acquire Discord
When it comes to communications apps, Microsoft is no stranger to that space. The company has attempted its own messenger platforms like Skype and Teams, but recently we heard that the Redmond tech giant could be interested in acquiring a new communications platform in the form of Discord.

Microsoft Could Acquire Discord For $10 Billion
When it comes to communication amongst gamers while in-game, Discord seems to be the most popular app of choice. This is because the app features all kinds of nifty voice communication tools, plus the ability to setup private servers makes it easy to manage your conversations.

Discord Could Be Considering Creating Their Own Version Of Clubhouse
If you’ve been following social media news, chances are you’ve heard of Clubhouse. Right now it is an iOS only app where people can gather in different “clubs”/rooms and have voice conversations with each other. This allows people to host talks about certain topics, and it also allows for participation from the audience.

Discord For iOS And Android Can Now Screen Share
Screen sharing is a pretty useful tool and we’ve seen many desktop video calling applications offer the feature. In case you’re unfamiliar with the feature, basically during a video call or livestream, you can share what’s on your screen so that people in the chat know what you’re looking at.

Discord's Game Store To Offer Developers 90% Revenue Share
Discord’s online games store launched in October with a curated selection of indie games in addition to some exclusives. It’s now further incentivizing it for developers to publish games on its online store. The company has announced that it will offer developers 90 percent revenue share, keeping only 10 percent for itself.

Discord’s In-App Store Is Now Open To All
Discord is a popular platform these days for gamers to get together to chat about their favorite games. It is also where guilds can organize raids and communicate with each other, but Discord is hoping to be more than that. Recently the company has announced that their in-app store is now open to all.

Discord Launching Its Own Game Store
Discord today announced that it’s launching its own game store. It will begin selling games online through its own platform. Discord is launching the game store in beta today and it will be open to a limited number of its users. It will specifically open the beta to 50,000 users from Canada first before expanding it to users from other markets.

Discord Introduces Priority Speaker System, Makes Raids Less Confusing
If you’ve ever been in a group call, you know that sometimes it can get quite crazy with everyone trying to speak over each other, and then you have that one person who doesn’t use a headset and the sound from their speakers echoes into the microphone and it just ends up being total chaos.

Microsoft To Allow Xbox Gamers To Link Their Discord Accounts
Over the years there have been plenty of chat apps designed for gaming, but in more recent times it’s starting to look like Discord could become the staple of chat and communications for gamers. This is evidenced in a recent development where according to an announcement on Major Nelson’s website, Xbox gamers can soon link their Discord accounts to their Xbox accounts.

Discord Partners With eSports Teams To Be The Official Chat App
Over the years we’ve seen gamers go from one communications app to the other, and right now it seems like Discord is one of the more popular options out there today where it is at the point where most gamers use it for communications. However that isn’t enough as Discord wants to become the official chat app for gamers.

Spotify & Discord Team Up For Shared Listening During Gaming Sessions
For those unfamiliar, Discord is one of the more popular applications right now when it comes to communication in games. This is because the platform allows users to create multiple channels which can come in handy for gaming sessions with friends, raid groups, guild chats, and more, and now it looks like Discord has gotten a bit more “entertaining”.

Discord Makes It Easier To Join Your Friends’ Games
Over the years we’ve seen various apps used for communication in games. Skype was of course one of the more popular options at the start due to its voice calling capabilities, but later we saw gamers turn to the likes of TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and so on, although in more recent times it looks like Discord is gaining a fair bit of steam.

Discord Testing Out Video Chat And Screen Sharing Features
Many of you guys might be familiar with the workplace chat app Slack, which is used by companies to communicate with each other. However when it comes to gaming, Discord can be thought of as the Slack but for gaming, and recently the company has announced that they will be testing out a couple of new features.

Discord Interested In Working On Nintendo Switch Chat
If you’re a gamer, there are various voice chat services and instant messenger services that you can use that are catered more towards gamers, and Discord is one of them that has risen in popularity in recent times. Now it seems that gamers are hoping that Discord could come up with a solution for the Nintendo Switch.