Facebook continues to tweak the News Feed where its billion-plus users spend most of their time. Over the past few months we’ve seen the company make changes in order to surface more relevant stories and posts for users while pushing down spammy content. It has heard from users that it’s frustrating to click on a link that leads them to a webpage that’s slow to load. That’s why Facebook has now announced that pages that load faster will be ranked higher in News Feed.

An update will be made to the News Feed in the coming months which will show people more stories that will load quickly on mobile and fewer stories that may take longer to load. This will help users spend more time reading the stories that they find relevant.

After this update, Facebook will start to take into account the estimated load time of a webpage that someone clicks to from any link in News Feed on the mobile app.

It will consider factors such as the user’s current network connection and general speed of the webpage in question. If the signals indicate to Facebook that the webpage loads quickly, that webpage may be shown higher in the News Feed.

Facebook is going to roll out this change gradually over the next few months. It anticipates that most Pages won’t see any significant changes to their reach in News Feed.

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