Apple has typically relied on its Lightning port and connector for its accessories, but with the iPad Pro, Apple actually introduced a new method of connectivity in the form of the Smart Connector. However despite the introduction of the new connector, there aren’t many accessories available for it.


Sure there are Apple’s own lineup of accessories, and there are also some from third-party vendors, but it’s nowhere near as many as Lightning, but that is expected to change soon. In a report from Fast Company, it seems that the Cupertino company has confirmed that there are more Smart Connector accessories in the works from other companies, but exactly what they are remains to be seen.

One of the benefits of the Smart Connector over Lightning is that it doesn’t actually plug into the port itself, but rather it relies on contact between the connectors, which means that connecting devices and removing them will be relatively simple and straightforward, versus Lightning where you’d have to plug it in and out, which isn’t quite as efficient.

So far some accessories that uses it include the Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro, as well as some options by Logitech, but in any case hopefully we’ll be able to see more such accessories being launched in the future.

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