Carriers usually have a very bad habit of loading their phones up with apps, also known as bloatware. We suppose that for the most part, the intentions are good in which these apps are designed to provide certain services to users right out of the box, but usually people already know what they want to use, so these apps are really just taking up space.


Usually these apps can be deleted, but for some reason the BlackBerry KEYone from Sprint is presenting its users with a problem, and that is the bloatware that is deleted on the phone is somehow reinstalling itself. The good news is that according to Sprint, this is completely unintentional and is a bug that they plan to fix in an upcoming update.

Sprint claims that the issue lies with the SprintID app, which pushes third-party apps to devices when it is activated for the first time. However the app seems to be running every few hours, which means that it keep checking for the apps every few hours and if you have deleted one of the bloatware apps, the check forces it to reinstall itself.

Sprint claims that an incoming update will address the problem, but in the meantime uninstalling updates from the BlackBerry Launcher is said to offer a workaround for now. Alternatively you can just leave the apps as it is and delete them once the update has been issued.

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