The other day Twitch announced that they will be introducing a new feature called Extensions that basically allows streamers to customize the way their pages look (which we guess is reminiscent of MySpace back in the day where bands could customize the look of their pages), and now it looks like the feature is live.


For those unfamiliar, Extensions is a feature that Twitch announced several days ago, where streamers could add what are essentially widgets to their page to display all kinds of information. For example they could display leaderboards for various games like Hearthstone, Overwatch, or even link to Amazon for products in which gamers can then earn money from via the affiliate links.

Third-party developers will also be able to create extensions to share with the community. According to Ryan Lubinski, Product Manager for Extensions at Twitch, “Twitch is a platform where communities create, share, and interact with the content they love. With Twitch Extensions, we’re taking interactivity to the next level by empowering our developer community to create customized interactive content, directly integrated with the Twitch platform, opening up a whole new world of creator-viewer interaction.”

Like we said, the feature is now live so if you are a streamer you should be able to access it no problems, and if you are a viewer, then don’t be surprised if your favorite streamer’s page starts to look rather different from what it did before.

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