fix-iphone-7-yellow-screen-450x800If you own the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and you notice that your screen has a yellowish tint to it, don’t worry because you’re not alone, and you also probably shouldn’t worry as it seems to be normal. As pointed out by OS X Daily, some users are experiencing a yellow tint which like we said, it’s normal. Read full post →Some iPhone 7 Users Are Reporting Screens With A Yellow Tint

sony ps4 proWhen the Sony PS4 Pro was officially announced, it came with hardware features that we kind of expected, but what we did not expect was Sony to not include a 4K Blu-ray disc drive. Given that Sony kind of made Blu-ray a bit more mainstream with the PS3 and carried it into the PS4, it did seem odd that a 4K Blu-ray drive was missing from the PS4 Pro. Read full post →Microsoft Surprised By Sony PS4 Pro’s Lack Of 4K Blu-ray Drive

portal-nvidia-shieldEarlier this year it was confirmed that a Portal movie based on the game is in the works. However apart from the confirmation, not much else is known about it, but the good news is that we could be getting some of the details soon, thanks to movie director J.J. Abrams who promised some kind of announcement in the near future. Read full post →Portal Movie Announcement To Be Made Soon

xbox-one-hands-on-review-05When Microsoft’s Project Scorpio and Sony’s PS4 Pro were first announced, many gamers expressed their concern that this could mean a shift away from the existing consoles as developers will start to build games designed exclusively for the newer consoles. However back in June, Microsoft reassured gamers that won’t be happening. Read full post →Xbox Chief Reiterates That There Will Be No Project Scorpio Exclusives

hackWith every update made to iOS, Apple tries to make it more secure than before, such as by closing existing vulnerabilities, and beefing security at the same time. However no software is 100% secure as there will always be someone who can eventually figure out a way to get in, but that’s kind of the whole point of these updates anyway. Read full post →Exploit Broker Looking To Pay $1.5 Million For iOS Zero-Day Exploits

garmin-vivofit-jrIt doesn’t matter how young or old you are, fitness is something that’s for life. If you have kids who’d rather spend all day on the computer playing games, or sitting in front of the TV watching shows or playing consoles, then maybe you might need a hi-tech solution to get them off the chair and to start working out. Read full post →Garmin Unveils The Vivofit Jr. Fitness Tracker For Kids

swiftkeySome of us come from multicultural countries and backgrounds, where ultimately the language we speak isn’t necessarily of a single language, but of multiple languages combined. For example in Singapore, English can be spoken but at the same time interspersed with bits of words or phrases from Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, and so on. Read full post →SwiftKey Beta For Android Lets You Type In 5 Languages At Once

google_maps_voiceGoogle Maps is a great tool for navigating if you’re in a foreign country that you’re unfamiliar with. It’s great when you’re walking about, and great if you’re driving, although as you might have heard, a new California law makes it pretty much impossible to use the phone while driving unless it is mounted. Read full post →Google Maps Gets A Bunch Of New Voice Commands

iPhone_7_Plus_LineupIf you are a Verizon subscriber and you just got your hands on the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus from Apple and you’re running into some LTE connectivity issues, don’t worry you’re not alone. According to bunch of reports from users, it seems that quite a few Verizon users with the new iPhones are experiencing this problem as well. Read full post →Verizon iPhone 7 Users Are Experiencing LTE Connectivity Problems

altos-adventure-hapticDuring a recent interview, former Sony exec Jack Tretton admitted that the PS Vita arrived too late in a market where dedicated gaming machines were no longer needed, such as smartphones and tablets that were just as good. In fact with every new smartphone or tablet released, we are seeing an improvement in its gaming capabilities. Read full post →Alto’s Adventure Amongst The First To Support iPhone 7 Haptic Feed