samsung-smart-glow-image-720x342The notification light on phones can be handy for those who want to know at a glance that they have notifications waiting for them instead of having to turn their phone’s screen on. However this isn’t a feature that many OEMs have adopted, but it seems that this could be one that Samsung might be introducing to their new phones. Read full post →‘Smart Glow’ Could Be Samsung’s Take On The Notification Light

hacking-stockAntivirus programs are designed to protect the user from malware and all kinds of nasty software that they might not be familiar with. However it seems that sometimes these softwares could also be the source of the problem, which is why Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy has recently slammed several Norton and Symantec products in a post on Google’s Project Zero blog. Read full post →Google Security Researcher Slams Antivirus Software For Its Vulnerabilities

What do we know about the iPhone 7 so far? According to the rumors, it is expected to do away with the antenna bands running across the back of the device, although the ones around the top and bottom edges are to remain. It is also expected to come with a dual camera setup, at least for the iPhone 7 Plus, and it has also been rumored to come in a blue finish. The headphone port is also said to be removed to make way for a second set of speakers. Read full post →Some Paint, A Drill, And A Saw Turns An iPhone 6s Into An iPhone 7

fallout-4-dlc-release-1For PC gamers, support for mods on Fallout 4 have been available for a while now. Last month, mods also finally made their way onto the Xbox One, and this month it was expected that mod support would also arrive for the PS4, but it seems that PS4 gamers will have to wait a little longer as the feature has been delayed. Read full post →Fallout 4 Mods For PS4 Delayed Due To Issues

playstation_vrThe Sony PlayStation VR will be officially launching on the 13th of October and if you’re hoping to get your hands on the device in time, Sony has reminded users that the 30th of June is the last day that you can pre-order the headsets, otherwise you’ll have to wait until the device has officially gone on sale to purchase it. Read full post →Sony Reminds Gamers That PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Ends June 30

google_maps_multipleSay you’re supposed to be picking up multiple friends to go on a road trip with and you’re not 100% sure where they all stay. Prior to this, you’d have to enter each person’s house at every stop, but the good news is that in an update to Google Maps, it seems that Google has enabled multiple destinations within the app. Read full post →Google Maps For Android Now Supports Multiple Destinations

toyota-prius-2014You might recall that Toyota and other carmakers were forced to recall millions of their vehicles over defective airbags supplied by Takata. Unfortunately for Toyota, it seems the problem did not end there as the company has announced that they are recalling an additional 1.4 million vehicles worldwide over defective airbags. Read full post →Toyota Recalls Another 1.4 Million Vehicles Over Defective Airbags

apple watch sold outCould Apple be gearing up for a new batch of Apple Watch bands? The company in the past has stated that their plan is to create a seasonal cycle, similar to fashion design where every season we would be treated to new designs, thus keeping the watch’s look fresh and fashionable for users who care about these kind of things. Read full post →Many Apple Watch Bands And Bundles Are Being Listed As ‘Sold Out’

devialet-gold-phantom_07,jpgMany audiophiles have heard of Devialet because of their outstanding sound quality. However, the general public has had a keen interest ever since the company launched its (compact) Phantom speaker because it’s beautiful and produces incredibly powerful and clear sound at the same time. This size and power an extremely rare combination because at the end of the day, speakers are about moving air, and it’s hard to be powerful if you’re not big.

We’ve had a great audio experience with the original Phantom, and this time we played a bit with the Devialet Gold Phantom before it was announced.

Read full post →Devialet Gold Phantom 4500 Watt Speaker: Hands-On


NVIDIA today released the version 3.2 update for its Shield Android TV set-top box and it’s an update that many users had been waiting for. It brings a handful of new features for the device, including but not limited to the ability to function as a Plex media server. The update is live now and users can head into the settings option to manually update their set-top box to version 3.2.
Read full post →Latest NVIDIA Shield TV Update Brings Plex, 4K, And HDR Support