Most smartphone manufacturers provide 32GB of onboard storage as standard these days, at least in their flagship handsets, but Apple has continued to keep the 16GB model of the iPhone around even though it’s about time that it was ditched. That might finally happen this year when the iPhone 7 is unveiled. A researcher at IHS Technology has predicted that from the iPhone 7 onwards the company’s smartphones will feature 32GB onboard storage as standard.

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Halo fans might have heard of Halo Wars 2. It’s a real-time strategy game for Xbox One and Windows 10. Since the biggest annual gaming convention is coming up next month it’s likely that we’re going to hear more about it. Microsoft has actually revealed quietly that Halo Wars 2 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC will be showcased in playable form at E3 2016 next month.

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Google has been running a promotion recently for the subscription-only YouTube Red service, and now it appears to have turned it up a notch. According to reports, the company is offering free Chromecasts to YouTube Red subscribers. The free hardware is a good way to entice people to start paying for the ad-free version of YouTube which also brings several features that are not available to conventional users.

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It has long been rumored that HTC is going to come out with a new smartwatch this year, we’ve yet to see the device officially but we’ve seen many leaks and rumors related to it. The last rumor suggested that HTC will unveil this smartphone in the first week of June but it appears that the company has delayed the release of its smartwatch yet again.

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iphone se

India is a market that Apple is working very hard to capture. The company has a desire to start selling refurbished iPhones in the country, further pushing down the entry price for people looking to buy their first iPhone, but it has encountered a dead end. Even though Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited India where he met some very notable figures including the country’s prime minister, India has declined to provide Apple with the permission to start selling refurbished iPhones in the country.

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asus designo MX34VQ frontFor the longest time ever, monitors were flat. The only difference is how big the monitor’s display is, its resolution, the aspect ratio, and we guess more recently how thick its bezels are. However these days we are starting to look at more curved displays being offered, which supposedly offer a more immersive viewing experience. Read full post →34-inch ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ Monitor Launched

google_amp_iosJust like Facebook’s instant articles, Google has a similar feature for the web called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). For those who are unfamiliar with the feature, basically these are websites that have been designed to load instantly when you click on it, as opposed to more traditional websites where content is loaded only after you’ve clicked it. Read full post →Google Brings It Accelerated Mobile Pages To Its iOS App

Controlling your home using technology isn’t new, although it seems that there is a rise in the offerings of such products these days. Now it looks like ASUS wants to throw their hat into the ring by announcing at Computex the ASUS Zenbo, which as you can see in the images above and below is a cute robot designed to help users control their home. Read full post →ASUS Zenbo Robot Will Control Your Home For You

Last week ahead of Computex 2016, Acer took the wraps off several different 2-in-1 laptops. Now if you’re in the market for 2-in-1 devices but want other alternatives to what Acer is offering, then you might be pleased to find out that ASUS has you covered with their recently launched Transformer 3 devices. Read full post →ASUS Unveils New Transformer 3 2-In-1 Devices

Laptops come in varying sizes, but if you’re the type that moves around a lot, obviously lugging around a 3kg laptop will eventually take its toll on your back. This is why manufacturers are starting to offer up thinner and lighter laptops, and if you are after such a device, you might be interested to learn that ASUS has launched the ZenBook 3. Read full post →ASUS ZenBook 3 Laptop Announced With 11.9mm Thin Body