A new trailer has been released today for Rocksteady’s upcoming title Batman Arkham Knight, and it makes an interesting revelation. The game has a “dual play” feature which will allow gamers to seamlessly switch between multiple characters in the title as they engage in free-flow combat. The trailer also introduces Batman’s allies which include Robin, Catwoman and Nightwing.

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It’s raining lollipops today. A few hours after T-Mobile released the much awaited Lollipop update for the Galaxy Note 4, Sprint went ahead with the release for one of its own devices. LG G2 owners on Sprint should keep their eyes peeled for an update notification because the carrier has finally released Lollipop for this device. The rollout has begun over-the-air so don’t worry if you haven’t immediately received an update notification on your device.

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Late last year Apple unveiled its new payments service called Apple Pay. The service was then launched with support from almost all major credit card companies in the United States, Visa, MasterCard and American Express to be precise. Discover was missing from the list and it wasn’t immediately clear if and when Discover card support would be added to Apple Pay. A few months after the service was launched it has now been confirmed when Apple Pay users will be able to use their Discover cards with the payments service.

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T-Mobile subscribers who own the Galaxy Note 4 have been waiting for quite a long time to get a taste of Lollipop. It was only earlier this month that it was revealed that T-Mobile had started testing said update for the phablet. However the carrier hadn’t revealed when we could expect to see Lollipop arrive for the Galaxy Note 4. That day is today. T-Mobile has finally released Android 5.0.1 for the Galaxy Note 4 over-the-air.

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Alzheimer’s disease is where the memories of the person is slowly destroyed over time along with other important mental functions, and while a cure for the disease is still being worked on, Samsung hopes to do its part by trying to slow its side effects down by as much as possible through a smartphone app. Read full post →Samsung Helps Develop App That Slows Down Alzheimer’s Side Effects

skyrim_paid_modLast week Valve announced that modders will be able to start selling their mods on Steam and price it any way they see fit. It seemed like a good idea as it helps to consolidate the mods into a single location and help make developers some money for their efforts as well. However there was a copyright issue that was raised that resulted in one mod being voluntarily removed, which led to the question of how will Valve deal with such instances in the future.

In fact some gamers weren’t too happy with the idea of such mods in the first place and believed that gamers who are appreciative should just donate money instead of being forced to pay for it. So as it stands, the community does seem a bit divided on the whole issue. That being said Valve’s Gabe Newell recently took to Reddit where he addressed some of the concerns gamers had about the idea of paid-for mods. Read full post →Valve Will Pull Paid-For Mods If They’re Bad For The Community

silent hillsYesterday we reported that following the pulling of P.T. from the PlayStation Store, it has been speculated that the main game itself had been cancelled. This was “confirmed” by actor Norman Reedus and was also supposedly mentioned by the game’s co-director Guillermo del Toro. None of this was official but according to a Q&A issued by Konami to Eurogamer, we guess it more or less answers some of the questions we’ve had.

According to Konami, it seems that their contract with Reedus has expired which is why they are planning on removing his image from the Silent Hills website. Based on this we can only assume that either they have cancelled the game which is why they don’t need Reedus anymore, or they might have gone with a different actor to portray the game’s protagonist. Read full post →Konami Issues Q&A On The Future Of Silent Hills

dropbox notesEarlier this month we reported that Dropbox was testing some kind of online service called Project Composer. More details of that service has since emerged and it has been officially unveiled as Dropbox Notes. However at the moment the service is still in its beta phase and participation is by invite-only, although users can request for one.

Unfortunately not much is known about the service for now but it seems to be somewhat similar to Google Docs, at least based on the screenshot above. In the image, you can clearly see that there are at least two people who are editing the document at the same time. This is a feature of Google Docs where users can edit the same document simultaneously, thus fostering collaboration amongst its users. Read full post →Dropbox Notes Wants To Take Google Docs On

Vivo-X5Pro-32Mp-front-cameraSelfies are all the rage these days and it seems that smartphone OEMs and even camera companies are starting to create products that will appeal to users who enjoy taking selfies. For instance Vivo is said to be working on a new phone in the form of the X5 Pro and according to a recent teaser posted by the company, its front-facing camera is no joke.

Assuming we got the details right, it seems that the Vivo X5 Pro’s front-facing camera will be that of a 32MP sensor. Yes, you read that right, its front camera will have a higher resolution than the majority of smartphones out there. In fact its 32MP resolution also means that it has a resolution higher than some compact cameras in the market today, that’s insane! Read full post →Vivo’s Upcoming Smartphone Will Pack A 32MP Selfie Camera

android wear gear 2The Samsung Gear 2 is a smartwatch from Samsung that was launched early last year. It ran Samsung’s own smartwatch platform instead of Android Wear which is fine if you’re perfectly happy with the default features of the watch. However if you’re looking for more app compatibility, Android Wear appears to be the natural choice here.

Now the good news for Samsung Gear 2 owners is that if you wished the device ran Android Wear instead of Samsung’s own smartwatch platform, you’re in luck as XDA developer biktor_gj has successfully managed to port Android Wear over onto the smartwatch. This was the result of about four months worth of work and it seems that progress is a tad slow. Read full post →Android Wear Successfully Ported Onto The Samsung Gear 2