The much-awaited sequel to the original Halo Wars game is finally out today for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Microsoft has been hyping up this game over the past few months, it has also showcased limited edition prints, an Xbox One S bundle as well as a launch trailer for this title. The wait ends today for those who have been waiting for it because Halo Wars 2 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC has finally been released today.
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Tilt Brush is a great app which enables users to paint in virtual reality. You could be a first time user who’s just doodling tracing lines of fire against the night sky or an experienced concept artist doing serious work, Tilt Brush enables you to draw to your heart’s desire in virtual reality. This app was previously exclusive to HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset but not anymore. Tilt Brush has now been released for the Oculus Rift.
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Apple offers the iPhones in multiple storage options and if a new report is to be believed, the company is going to do away with the 32GB storage option for the iPhone 8. There has been a longstanding demand from iPhone customers that Apple should provide more storage with the base model. It’s not uncommon for most flagship Android smartphones to come with 64GB of storage in the base model. Today’s report suggests that Apple will finally dump the 32GB storage option for the iPhone 8.
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It appears that Sonos has been working on a new product that it’s going to release next month. A leaked listing has been spotted on B&H for a product called “Sonos PlayBase.” It’s unlike any existing Sonos product so it appears to be a new creation. While the listing doesn’t really reveal what this device is going to do, from the looks of it, this is a soundbar for TVs. The design suggests that a TV will be placed directly on top of this plate-shaped soundbar for an enhanced audio experience.
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Another day, another rumor about the iPhone 8. According to a new research note by the infamous KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on “revolutionary” camera technology for the iPhone 8 which will power facial or iris recognition, 3D selfies, and augmented reality experiences on Apple’s next flagship device.
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Do you have a habit of locking your PC whenever you leave your desk? Do you find it a pain to punch in your passcode every time you come back? If you’d like a simpler way of unlocking your Windows 10 PC then make sure you have a compatible Galaxy smartphone. According to a new report, Samsung will soon enable users of compatible Galaxy smartphones to unlock any Windows 10 PC.
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The Galaxy Note 7 caused a lot of headaches over at Samsung because the phone started catching fire soon after it was released. After a lengthy investigation, Samsung concluded that battery defects were to blame. The handset cost Samsung billions of dollars in lost sales aside from the costs associated with the recall. The company might be trying to make some money out of the entire ordeal by releasing refurbished Galaxy Note 7s in select markets this year.
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All of the rumors and reports about the Galaxy S8 so far suggest that the handset is not going to have a home button. This also means that it will not have the two navigation buttons that you normally find on either side of the home button. It appears that the Galaxy S8 will stick with software-based navigation buttons and today a purported picture of the Galaxy S8 has leaked online, possibly showing us the navigation buttons.
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Samsung has long been sourcing LCD panels from Sharp but it has had to make an abrupt change to the supply chain. Foxconn acquired Sharp last year and soon after that, the Japanese company informed Samsung that it will stop supplying the Korean company with LCD panels. Since then, Samsung has been looking for other suppliers and reports have suggested that it’s going to source LCD panels from LG Display. LG’s display affiliate is expected to start supplying Samsung with LCD panels by July this year.
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HTC recently confirmed that it would soon launch its new premium smartphones in India. The HTC U Ultra and U Play were both launched first earlier this year and the company is now gradually bringing them to other markets across the globe. Today, at an event in New Delhi, the company confirmed the HTC U Ultra and U Play price and release date in India.
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