Huawei is due to launch a successor to the popular P9 handset in the near future. We’ve already started seeing rumors and reports about this device and will continue to do so right up till the day Huawei officially launches this device. According to a new report, the Huawei P10 price is going to be the highest for any handset in this series. It’s believed to be the most expensive device yet in Huawei’s P series.
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AT&T Tower
AT&T has set out to simplify international roaming rates for its subscribers. Many frequently complain that carriers make their international roaming rates and charges too complex to understand which is why it ends up being so expensive for them. The country’s second largest carrier wants to eliminate that concern, at least for its customers, so today it’s announcing the launch of a $10 International Day Pass which will allow subscribers to use their domestic plan overseas.
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Bandai Namco today revealed the last Dark Souls 3 DLC titled The Ringed City. This is going to be the final downloadable content expansion for this popular title which happens to be the fastest selling game in Bandai Namco America’s history. The new adventure will have players chasing after the Slave Knight Gael to the end of the world, literally, as he goes on his quest to search for the Dark Soul of Humanity.
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Acer today announced the TravelMate Spin B1. It’s the first “Spin” product in the company’s TravelMate series that features a 360 degree hinge which enables users to switch between laptop, stand, tent, and tablet modes. The new TravelMate Spin B1 features a durable design with a pressure-resistant screen, spill resistant keyboard, and a shock-absorbent rubber bumper.
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Have you ever wanted to buy a Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft but didn’t because you’d rather not have the Surface Pen that was previously sold with every variant of this device? Well, it appears that your prayers have been answered today. Microsoft has started selling a variant of the Surface Pro 4 without the Surface Pen. The company is now selling this variant through its own online store a few weeks after it started appearing at some of the retailers that sell Surface Pro devices.
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Star Wars movies carry an episode number. That’s just the way it has been but that’s going to change this year. The next installment in this popular franchise is due later this year and it picks up from the final shot of Star Wars: Episode VII a.k.a The Force Awakens. The upcoming movie is commonly referred to as Star Wars: Episode VIII right now but it won’t be called that after today as Lucasfilm has finally confirmed the official Star Wars: Episode VIII title.
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There are already quite a few Xbox One S bundles being offered that provide great value for money and now Microsoft is adding more to the list that are coupled with titles like Halo Wars 2 and Forza Horizon 3. These two new bundles are joining the lineup, both feature the Xbox One S console, either game and more.
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HTC unveiled new smartphones at its event earlier this month. It’s shaking things up with these new devices in a bid to regain relevance in the global smartphone market. The company has been putting out good devices every year but so far they have failed to make a big impact on customers who prefer iPhones and Samsung devices. The HTC U Ultra is the company’s new flagship device and it did say that a “special edition” of this handset will arrive soon.
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Samsung would certainly like to forget about the Galaxy Note 7. The handset could have been the best device it ever put out but it ended up costing the company billions of dollars due to battery defects that just kept blowing up the device. There was speculation that Samsung could kill the Galaxy Note series following this fiasco but the company has confirmed the Galaxy Note 8 release for 2017.
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The Raspberry Pi is likely going to be the go-to board for most people who want a homebrew-friendly board for do-it-yourself projects but ASUS has now come out with its own tiny board to capture a segment of this market. ASUS calls it the Tinker Board, which is a very appropriate name for such a device, and while it’s almost the same size as a Raspberry Pi it does challenge the board with 4K video support.
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