Tesla makes some great cars but it still has to deal with production and delivery related issues. Praise was heaped on the company when it unveiled its truly mass-market Model 3 all-electric car recently but many are wondering if the company will be able to start production and deliveries on time. It appears that Tesla may have once again been too optimistic about the production deadline.

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If you are looking to purchase a new Samsung smartphone and don’t mind using T-Mobile as a cellular provider then you might want to check out this deal. T-Mobile customers can get $150 rebate on some of Samsung’s best smartphones like the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5. These are last year’s flagship smartphones so discounting them is a great way to clear the inventory. Rebate is not available on the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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facebook_whatsapp_icons-1A couple of days ago, a judge in Brazil ordered WhatsApp to be blocked in the country for 72 hours for failing to hand over data related to a case. However this ruling was overturned shortly after by another judge. This wouldn’t really be such a big deal, but this is actually the second time in less than half a year that the messaging app has been ordered to be blocked. Read full post →Brazil Lawmakers Want A Bill To Prevent WhatsApp From Being Blocked

Last month thanks to a leaked image, it showed off what appeared to be the upcoming Fujifilm X-T2. We could only see the body of the camera, but now thanks to the folks at Fuji Rumors, it seems that they have managed to obtain more photos of the camera which shows off some of the dials on the device. Read full post →More Alleged Fujifilm X-T2 Photos Leaked

Drones are amazing inventions. They help with photography, videography, used to deliver human organs for transplant, used for fishing, and even used for racing, so the idea of drones being used to help make it rain doesn’t really seem like that much of a stretch, does it? Because a group of researchers in Nevada have recently completed the first flight of an unmanned cloud-seeding drone. Read full post →Drones Can Now Be Used To Help Make Rain

We have heard stories of how long some people have spent playing video games. However if there were to be a world record on how long one can stay in virtual reality playing games, could you guess what that number would be? Turns out that number is 25 hours straight, set recently by a certain Derek Westerman. Read full post →Man Spends 25 Hours Straight In Virtual Reality, Sets A World Record

music-piracyUsually when we see movie studios or record labels go after pirates, they tend to go after the big fish, like shutting down torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt. The concept is similar when it comes to drugs, in which it makes more sense to go after the source than the people supplying. Read full post →Pirate Bay & KickassTorrents Uploader Hit With €7,500 Fine

usb-malwareEver received USB drives from companies that are filled with information about the company, like photos, production information, videos, and etc.? You might be thinking that this is such a neat way to hand out information, but the next time you think about plugging in a free USB from someone you don’t know, think again. Read full post →American Dental Association Accidentally Mails Malware-Infected USBs

google-android-mascotIf there is one thing you’ve got to love about Google’s search and voice assistant is that it almost feels like you’re talking to a real person. This is thanks to the platform’s ability to be able to understand conversational text, and also give it back to the user so that it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to some cold machine. Read full post →Google Uses Romance Novels To Make Their AI More Conversational

twitter periscopeUnlike YouTube where you can always revisit old videos, the whole point of Periscope to stream live videos on the spot, meaning that if you miss it then that’s just too bad. This is fine we guess if you did not put much effort in your streams, but if you’re a professional who relies on social media applications like Periscope to make a living, then saving your hard work probably makes sense. Read full post →Periscope Testing Allowing Users To Save Their Broadcasts