inspiration lite 640x411Monster is an audio company known for their cables and their headphones. If you’re in the market for the latter, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently announced a new pairs of headphones in the form of the Inspiration Lite which according to Monster, is a slimmed down version of the Inspiration headphones.

The new Inspiration Lite headphones are of the on-ear variety meaning that they will rest on your ears as opposed to cupping them completely. The headphones will also feature brushed metal accents. The headbands are interchangeable so you can switch them up to suit your style if you wish, and will also come with a protective travel pouch. Read full post →Monster Unveils Inspiration Lite On-Ear Headphones

driveclub white ps4It looks like a piece of software which has captured the imagination of the masses will also be able to fuel a corresponding spike in hardware sales. Apart from that, another hugely popular tactic by hardware manufacturers would be to roll out what they call “limited edition” bundles, since everyone loves to be exclusive, or at least have that sense of being “above the masses”. Well, Sony has recently announced another two more DriveClub PS4 bundles before the racer is released to the market in October, and one of these two bundles would include a Glacier White PS4.

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gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

screamyDo you happen to live in an area where you are able to let your drone roam the skies without having the authorities to clamp down on your drone activities? If that is the case, then another risk factor ought to be taken into consideration – that there is a very real possibility of your drone actually flying free before it gets lost in the thicket that is full of trees, bushes, and other kinds of unknown horrors. Perhaps a locating device would come in handy, and this is where the Kickstarter project known as Screamy comes in handy.

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hitachi 3dcamera acHitachi of Japan has recently unveiled not one, two, or even three, but nine (yes, nine!) different models of air conditioners for the masses, where these happen to be the ‘Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun X series’ that will also see a “living camera 3D” installed. These days, when we talk about a 3D camera, we might think of something that has to do with movie making or the equivalent, but this particular air conditioner line from Hitachi is far removed from such an idea.

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counterfeit medicine foilThe world of health and medicine is big business regardless of where you are, and this is why pharmaceutical companies do take their patents seriously – otherwise a generic drug would mean plenty of money going down the drain after all the R&D that was put in before they are able to turn a profit. Well, on the flipside, those seeking good health or to recover from a disease can be particularly vulnerable and gullible – which leads to the rise of fake or counterfeit medication. How can the layperson figure out which is which? Apparently, a brand new plastic label might allow one to tell whether the medicine or some other product is the real McCoy.

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bing scotland uk chartIt does look like bookies might want to take a closer look at Microsoft’s Bing, especially when Bing managed yet once again to predict the results of the Scottish referendum correctly – stating that Scotland will continue to be part of the United Kingdom. This is despite the fact that polling data in the weeks that led up to the referendum pointed to an extremely tight race, making it way too close to call, where there was even a near 50-50 split even when the day of the vote drew nearer.

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shinraWhile Square Enix is busy preparing some of the finalizations for upcoming Final Fantasy titles, does this mean that the game studio is not looking elsewhere to deliver some stunning products? Apparently, at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has lifted the veil concerning Shinra Technologies. Shinra Technologies happen to be a new cloud gaming business that will be helmed by Yoichi Wada, who so happens to be the former president of Square Enix.

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iphone 6 2 640x483So you have been smitten by the iPhone 6, and simply cannot wait to get your hands on it. In fact, you are even thinking about busting the monthly budget in order to bring home the new smartphone from Apple. However, would you do what this Chinese man did – by actually advertising that he was willing to “rent” his girlfriend out to other men, in order to raise the relevant amount of funds so that he can get his iPhone 6 fix? This is one disillusioned casanova for sure.

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On Monday September 22 in Paris, I will host a session with three of the most innovative companies in the wearable world, and we will try to answer the one billion dollar question: Is the Technology Industry ready to embrace the Fashion World?

The event is part of the Fashion & Tech Week hosted by Numa Sept 22-28.

For this conversation I have selected companies that are paying a lot of attention to the design quality of their wearable devices, to make them as fashionable and smart as they can be.

The door will open at Numa, 39 rue du Caire in Paris at 6.30 pm on Sept 22 and we will welcome the following participants on stage – information to register here, we just have opened more seats soon and you can tweet me @elianefiolet if you are interested:

Amy Puliafito, Director of Communications, Misfit Wearable ;
Raphaelle Raymond, VP Marketing Netatmo
Pierre Garner, Designer Co-founder & Partner, Elium Studio
Frederic Lintz, Designer Co-founder & Partner, Elium Studio

Event netatmo 900 640x147


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syberWe all know that NVIDIA made waves yesterday with their spanking new GeForce GTX980 graphics card, and here we are with SYBER being first off the blocks to deliver the Vapor Xtreme gaming console. SYBER is a division of custom computer manufacturer CYBERPOWERPC, and their Vapor Xtreme gaming console will be dead fast – thanks to the all-new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. In fact, by virtue of having this highly advanced graphics card alone working alongside high-end hardware, the Vapor Xtreme would end up as the fastest PC gaming console right now on the market.

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