sony kw11 3Back in September, Sony announced the KW1 selfie camera. The camera was unique in its design which was shaped like a perfume bottle, but also for what was under its hood. According to the rumors, it is said that the camera came with a curved sensor, and sure enough it does.

This is according to a recent interview Quesabesde did with Sony’s Mr. Aoki who confirmed that KW1 did indeed come with a curved sensor. Back in July, Sony published a photo taken by the curved sensor and according to Sony, they claimed that a curved sensor allows for less vignetting and aberration that arises in flat and more traditional sensors. Read full post →Sony KW1 Confirmed To Sport Curved Sensor

microsoft logoWhile the Microsoft Xbox One console might be doing well in some markets, there is at least one market that the console is struggling in, and that is Japan. According to previous reports, it seems that Microsoft is struggling to sell the Xbox One in the country. It is unclear as to why the console is doing so poorly, but whatever the case, Microsoft is not pleased.

When asked in the latest issue of Famitsu about the Xbox One, Xbox Japan’s head Takashi Sensui stated that Microsoft was not satisfied with the state of things at the moment. “It’s not as though we’re satisfied with the current sales state. We hope to continue through taking user feedback and improving [the Xbox One] and offering content that everyone can enjoy.” Read full post →Microsoft Not Satisfied With Xbox One Sales In Japan, Vows To Try Harder

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

official iphone 5c 1The iPhone 5c is like a happy middle between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. It isn’t as powerful as the iPhone 5s, but it is a tad newer than the iPhone 5, so for those who’d rather not buy the iPhone 5s, they had the iPhone 5c to consider. Unfortunately the device wasn’t exactly the most well-received, with Tim Cook admitting that the low sales were unexpected.

However it turns out that there were markets in which the iPhone 5c was doing well in, and it seems that it is over in the UK. According to the Kantar Worldpanel’s latest numbers, it was revealed that prior to the iPhone 6 being launched, the iPhone 5c was actually the best selling smartphone in the UK for the month of August. Read full post →iPhone 5c Found To Be Selling Better Than The iPhone 5s In The UK

hong kong protestAs you might have head, there are protests going on in Hong Kong regarding mainland China’s decision to approve candidates ahead of elections, which many claim makes a mockery out of democracy. China has reportedly banned Instagram from being used in China to block out the photos taken in Hong Kong, but according to new reports, that’s not all they’re doing.

It seems that there are some who are speculating that the Chinese government could be installing spyware on the phones of protesters in Hong Kong. This is done through a fraudulent message sent in WhatsApp, asking users to download an app designed by Code4HK, a group of pro-democracy programmers. Read full post →Protesters In Hong Kong Reportedly Targeted With Malware

logitech type case 640x213Typing on a virtual keyboard is fine if you’re just sending simple messages or want to type a URL to go to a website. However for longer documents and emails, a physical keyboard tends to be more comfortable, not to mention familiar. Well if you’re the owner of the iPad Air, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has recently announced their new Type+ case for your tablet.

This isn’t the first keyboard case that Logitech has announced for mobile devices, so we guess this is just another alternative for you to consider. According to Logitech, the new Type+ case will offer protection both on the outside and the inside of the case, and has also improved upon its keyboard. Read full post →Logitech Type+ Keyboard Case For The iPad Air Announced

apple iwatch front ui 640x360The Apple Watch is said to enter mass production in January and is pegged for a possible release around Valentine’s Day in 2015. The device is one that is highly-anticipated, despite the fact that there have been several smartwatches released into the market ahead of the Apple Watch, but given that it is Apple, the hype is understandable.

That being said, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently advised in a note to his clients that they should expect conservative sales of the Apple Watch during its first year. He claims that “consumer application may be limited initially, until developers begin to create useful applications for the watch.” This is similar to the iPod which took a couple of years before it became the icon that it did. Read full post →Analyst Predicts 10 Million Apple Watch Units To Be Sold In 2015

To the layperson, the iPhone 5s and the new iPhone 6 both have WiFi, but if we were to take a closer look, the iPhone 6 has 802.11ac WiFi, while the iPhone 5s has 802.11n WiFi, with the former allowing WiFi speeds up to three times faster than that of the latter. Well to put it to the test, the folks at iClarified have put together a video to show just how fast the new iPhones’ WiFi is compared to its predecessor. Read full post →iPhone 6 WiFi Speed Gets Compared To The iPhone 5s

htc recamera fcc 640x382Come 8th of October, HTC will be hosting an event in which we expect the company to announce a new product in the form of the “RE Camera”. While HTC has not explicitly stated what the product is, hidden images spotted on HTC’s website has revealed it to be some kind of periscope-like action camera that can be worn and taken underwater.

That being said, it seems that the device has recently been spotted at the FCC, although unfortunately it seems that the FCC filing does not tell us much about the device, save for a rough diagram as you can see in the image above. However the diagram does confirm the shape of the device, which like we said resembled a periscope. Read full post →HTC “RE Camera” Stops By The FCC

dropbox update image 640x384If you’re the type of user who relies heavily on their SD card in their phone, you might be pleased to learn that Dropbox has recently announced an update to their Android app in which SD card file transfer support has been added. This means that in the event that your phone’s storage is full, you will be able to move files from Dropbox to your SD card directly, thus making it a smoother and more efficient process. Read full post →Dropbox For Android Updated With SD Card File Transfers

verizon logo stone wallA few months ago, and much to the disappointment of Verizon’s remaining unlimited data plan customers, the carrier announced that come October they would be throttling the speeds of some of its users who might be excessively using data. This naturally did not sit well with Verizon’s customers and the FCC who believed that Verizon had an obligation to uphold.

Well the good news is that it looks like the throttling of data will no longer be happening. Verizon has recently released a statement in which they wrote that they will no longer be implementing the throttling of data to its unlimited customers, which aren’t that many at the moment as the carrier has since done away with the plans, which only leaves those who have been grandfathered into the plans. Read full post →Verizon Backtracks On Data Throttling Plans At The Last Minute