Due to Overwatch being a multiplayer game, developing the overarching story and the background of the characters isn’t quite as easy as single-player games or even MMORPGs where the use of quests can help fill in the blanks. This is why Blizzard has opted to use comics and animated shorts to help tell Overwatch’s story. Read full post →Overwatch’s Animated Shorts Will Be Returning Soon

Bungie is expected to release the sequel to Destiny later this year, and it is something that many gamers are probably looking forward to. However it seems that even without Destiny 2 released, the folks at Bungie might already know what they’re going to do for the title after that, which probably will be called Destiny 3. Read full post →Bungie Already Has Plans For Destiny 3

When Pokemon GO was first shown off, it showed us what we could expect in terms of player battles, legendary Pokemon, and so on. However quite a lot of those features have yet to be launched despite Pokemon GO having been out for a while now. The good news is that the wait could soon be coming to an end. Read full post →Niantic Hints That Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming This Summer

Emojis are cute little graphics that we use to send to friends and family members to help say things that words might not be able to convey. They’re meant to be fun, but it seems that over in Israel, the use of emojis can actually be considered as proof of intent, or at least that’s the precedent that an Israeli judge is setting. Read full post →Israeli Judge Rules That Emojis Are Proof Of Intent

Drone registration was a ruling that the FAA introduced back in 2015, but a recent court ruling has found that the the FAA’s implementation of the rule violated a law that prevented the FAA from interfering with the operation of model aircrafts, and thus as a result non-commercial drones no longer need to be registered with the FAA. Read full post →DJI Will Throttle Your Drone If You Don’t Register With Them

Back in 2015, the FAA introduced a ruling which required drone owners to register their drones with the agency. Given that some drone owners in the past have been quite a nuisance with their drones by flying it into restricted airspace or onto other people’s property, this registration basically made drone owners more accountable for their actions. Read full post →Non-Commercial Drones No Longer Need To Be Registered With The FAA

The thing about headphones is that they’re pretty much universal in terms of features, where as long as the device you’re plugging into supports headphones, you’ll be able to use them just fine. However that isn’t the case with the bundled headphones of the recently announced HTC U11. Read full post →HTC U11’s Noise-Cancelling Headphones Won’t Work With Other Handsets

When it comes to tablets, there are probably a dozen or so manufacturers who have such devices available to consumers in varying sizes and price points. Now if you’re looking for a new tablet and think that maybe Apple’s iPads are a bit too expensive and dear on your wallet, you might be interested in Verizon’s upcoming offering. Read full post →Possible Render Of The Verizon Ellipsis 10 HD Tablet Leaked

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung made a rather odd decision of placing the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, a design choice that many did not seem too pleased about. Word has it that apparently Samsung ran out of time when trying to develop an embedded sensor, thus the last minute design change, or so we’re told. Read full post →Alleged Galaxy Note 8 Dummy Unit Suggests Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

There have been rumors to suggest that Apple’s iPhone 8 could be delayed due to shortages and also due to the complexity of manufacturing the components that Apple needs for the phone. This has resulted in reports indicating that the phone could be released in the later part of the year, or possibly even early next year. Read full post →Apple’s iPhone 8 Reportedly Still On Track For September Launch