pokemon detector onedrivePokemon GO is the craze of the moment and with the game having yet to be launched around the world, we expect that it will continue to trend for quite a while. Now we’re seeing a lot of photos of people posting their Pokemon GO experiences on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Microsoft wants to get in on the fun as well. Read full post →Microsoft Gets In On The Pokemon Craze With OneDrive Update

cyanogenWay back in the day, CyanogenMod was (and probably still is) one of the most prominent Android ROMs available, especially back when OEMs used to love applying heavy themes and skins to their phones, and CyanogenMod represented a cleaner and faster user interface. It went on to do so well that a company, Cyanogen Inc. was formed. Read full post →Cyanogen Reportedly Undergoing Layoffs, Might Focus On Apps Instead

play store sizeIt has usually been suggested that if you were to download an app from the app store that you do it over WiFi. This is because some apps are too big and that downloading it would eat into your data allowance if you aren’t hooked onto WiFi. The same can be said for app updates, but Google is trying to change that with some improvements they’re making to the Play Store. Read full post →Google Introduces New Data Saving Algorithm To The Play Store

marissa-mayer-yahooWe have been hearing for some time that Verizon could be interested in acquiring Yahoo’s internet business, and that last month there were reports that Verizon would be bidding as much as $3 billion for it. Now according to a report from Bloomberg, the deal is said to be close to being finalized. Read full post →Verizon & Yahoo Said To Be Closer To Inking A Deal

Drones are pretty speedy little things. In fact just recently we heard a story of a how teens used a drone to chase after boat thieves, and even though they eventually lost them, the fact that they could keep up said quite a lot about its speed. However it seems that if you weren’t quite impressed and wanted something faster, you’re in luck. Read full post →The World’s Fastest Consumer Drone Can Fly At 85mph

galaxy-note-7-irisscannerIn a video released yesterday, it showed the alleged iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and boy were we impressed. If the actual feature is anything like what we saw in the video, we reckon users will be pleased with how fast it is. While we have yet to compare it against a fingerprint sensor, at first glance it does seem really fast. Read full post →The Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Could Have Limitations

samsung logoOver the years, many have accused Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and so on for being copycats in terms of design and features for their smartphones. Turn back the clock maybe 5 years ago, Samsung themselves were being accused by the likes of Apple as being the copycat, and ironically enough Samsung is now the one on the offensive. Read full post →Samsung Sues Huawei Over Alleged Patent Infringement

gnote 7Samsung will be officially making the announcement revealing the Galaxy Note 7 on the 2nd of August as per their invite. So we know that at the very least, the phone will be announced then, which brings us to the next question and that is when will the phone be made available? On that day itself? A week later? A month? Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Already Available For Pre-Order In Dubai

With the success Netflix and Marvel had with Daredevil, it would make sense that they would want to prolong it as long as possible, right? However turn back the clock to April, Daredevil’s actor Charlie Cox admitted that he wasn’t sure if there would be a season 3 of Daredevil, especially with Netflix and Marvel focusing on the newer series like The Defenders. Read full post →Daredevil Season 3 On Netflix Has Been Confirmed

If Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones left you wanting more from Marvel and Netflix, both companies have obliged because at the San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix released teasers for both Iron Fist and The Defenders, in addition to the teaser trailer and release date confirmation for Luke Cage, which will be released 30th of September. Read full post →Netflix Releases Teasers For ‘Iron Fist’ & ‘The Defenders’