Oppo has been building smartphones with the selfie generation in mind which is why it has been calling some of them the “selfie expert.” It has launched another similarly branded smartphone today called the Oppo F3 Plus. This handset’s claim to fame is that it features not one but two front-facing cameras for selfie lovers.
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Image credit – Sean Hollister/CNET

As far as Nintendo is concerned, they are claiming that there are no widespread technical problems as far as the reported Joy-Con connectivity issues are concerned. However it seems that maybe the company could be quietly admitting that there could be an issue with the design of the antenna, particularly in the left Joy-Con. Read full post →This Is How Nintendo Is Fixing The Joy-Con Connectivity Issues

Last year Bethesda had confirmed that a virtual reality (VR) version of Fallout 4 was in the works. For those wondering about the state of the game and what it might be like, you will be pleased to learn that according to a report from HipHopGamer in the video above, Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that the game will be shown off at E3 2017 this year. Read full post →Fallout 4 VR Will Be Shown Off At E3 2017

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With Google Maps, users will be able to know if a place they’re going to has parking or not. However when it comes to remembering where you park, that’s something that oddly enough seems to be lacking, and which Apple actually beat them to it with iOS 10. However that has changed in the latest update to Google Maps. Read full post →Google Maps Now Lets You Record Your Parking Location

At the moment it is more or less a safe bet that smartphones in this day and age of the flagship variety will typically pack a QHD display. You might have thought that maybe we are moving into 4K territory, but that hasn’t really happened yet save for a couple of phones here and there, and it seems that Samsung isn’t making the jump either. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Resolution Confirmed In Leaked

Depending on where you purchase your products, different countries have different rules regarding refunds and returns, and then it also boils down to the company and what their policies are. However in an attempt to possibly try and attract more customers, it seems that Samsung could be considering a no-questions-asked refund with the Galaxy S8. Read full post →Samsung Could Be Considering No-Questions-Asked Refunds For Galaxy S8

The other day it was reported that the US would be banning flights from certain countries from allowing larger electronic devices to be brought on board. Now it seems that over in the UK, the government is also instituting a similar ban on larger electronic devices that can be brought on board. Read full post →UK Flights Now Ban Larger Electronic Devices

In case the standard selection of Xbox One controllers weren’t good enough for you, and you’re not willing to drop money on the Elite controller, not to worry as Microsoft has announced a new controller in the form of the Recon Tech Special Edition that will be the first in the Wireless Controller Tech series lineup. Read full post →Microsoft Unveils Xbox Recon Tech Special Edition Controllers

The only way you can watch the latest movies is by going to a cinema, or at least that’s the current option. If you miss all the showings, then there is that weird limbo in which you can’t watch it anywhere until the DVD/Blu-ray version has been released, or you could always go the illegal route by downloading a cam-recorded version. Read full post →Movie Studios Considering Offering Movies At Home Early For $30

As good as a service might be, it can only do so much if its reach is limited. While Netflix has rolled out its service to more parts of the world, there are still some platforms in which support isn’t quite as robust, such as Linux for example where Netflix could only be streamed on Google’s Chrome browser. Read full post →Netflix Now Supports Firefox On Linux