The term fake news has been thrown around a lot over the past few months. It basically refers to the use of online mediums to spread stories that may not be entirely true. Facebook has been working hard to combat the spread of fake news on the world’s largest social network and now the world’s most popular online search engine is taking some steps of its own to combat the menace of fake news.
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Facebook launched Related Articles in 2013 to help users discover news articles that they find interesting about the same topic. Currently, these related articles are shown in News Feed after users have read an article. The social network today announced that it’s testing a new version of this feature which will display several links to fact-checked Related Stories underneath the main linked story.
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Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE today announced the launch of a new smartphone that offers decent specifications for the relatively affordable price of $129.99. The handset appeals to those who prefer to have big displays on their smartphones. It merits mentioning here that it costs $129.99 off-contract so it’s a really great option for someone who’s looking for an affordable device. ZTE Max XL is being sold via Sprint’s Boost Mobile no-contract subsidiary.
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Sling TV recently launched the AirTV box recently which enables users to combine live, local TV channels with Netflix and the Sling TV over-the-top online TV streaming service. To bring down the cost of entry and get more people to start using its box, Sling TV has decided to offer an AirTV bundle which offers savings to new customers.
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Spotify signed a deal with music annotation startup Genius to bring additional commentary about songs that users are streaming. It called this feature Behind the Lyrics. It had only been available on iOS since last year and Spotify has confirmed today that Behind the Lyrics annotations are now available for users on Android as well.
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Facebook Live has already been used to live stream several brutal acts of violence including but not limited to murders and even as Facebook tries to improve the detection and removal process of such videos, it’s easier said than done. The previous case is still fresh in our memories and there has been another one in which a Thai man took his own daughter’s life and streamed it live on Facebook.
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All those who pre-ordered Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition last year received a free copy of Halo Wars: Definitive Edition. It has not been possible to buy this game on its own since then but that changes now. If you’re interested, you can now buy Halo Wars: Definitive Edition on its own for Windows and Xbox One.
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There have been multiple reports recently which suggest that the iPhone 8 is going to be delayed. The first OLED iPhone from Apple is now expected to arrive at some point next year as opposed to the fall this year. A new report claims that one of the big reasons why Apple won’t be able to come out with the iPhone 8 this year is because of supply issues associated with the flagship’s OLED display panel.
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Vizio was recently in the news after it was confirmed by LeEco that it had decided to give up on its planned $2 billion acquisition of the former. That obviously hasn’t stopped Vizio from forging its way forward. The company today announced a couple of new audio products which include a soundbar that’s compatible with Chromecast and even comes with Google Assistant baked in.
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Seagate today announced the launch of a new hard drive that’s meant for drone owners. The drive itself is called DJI Fly Drive which should leave no doubt in your mind that it’s meant for customers with drones made by DJI. With its integrated USB Type-C cable, the DJI Fly Drive offers up to 2TB of storage which will be ample for hours and hours worth of drone footage. It does have something which sets it apart from most external hard drives.
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