The 4K display is a high-quality IPS LCD and provides very good image quality. Because it has a high pixel density (~282 PPI), text and interface are very sharp, and things are just beautiful in general. When compared to last year’s model, the bezels are thinner on the left and right sides. The bezel went from a rather thick ~15mm down to ~5mm, which has a huge positive impact on how the laptop looks when turned on.

The bezel at the top has remained relatively large because HP wanted to include the color webcam and IR webcam at that location. It is understandable because this is still the best placement for video-conferences. Many people feel like placing the webcam at the bottom of the screen makes the view angle a bit odd.


The 2017 HP Spectre X360 has the particularity of coming with an N-trig digital pen (included in the box), and that will make Photoshop and e-pen lovers in general very happy. When you combine the 15.6” diagonal with a high-precision digital pen such as this one, it opens a lot of artistic possibilities that other 15.6” simply don’t match.

I am not an artist by any means, but I tested the pen with the sticky notes apps which immediately shows that the ink responsiveness is excellent and that the pressure sensitivity makes it feel very natural, visually. The pen’s tip has been tuned well, providing a good sensation. The size of the pen is such that it feels very much like using a regular pen.

Overall product rating: 9/10

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