Nexus-6P-UI-01The Nexus 6P is one of the most anticipated Android handset of 2015. As the high-end “Google Showcase” handset, it is seen by many as having the most advanced Android software and features, along with high expectations for an excellent quality/price ratio. This time, Huawei is Google’s partner for the best Nexus phone of 2015, and much is expected from one of the fastest-growing handset maker in the world.

In this review, I will go through how it feels to use the Nexus 6P, and tell you how it performs in the real world, including its camera. Finally, we will look at the performance and performance/price analysis to show you if the Nexus line is still a great deal.

Industrial design (very good)


The Nexus 6P industrial design is a bit of a departure from its recent predecessors because it uses a CNC-machined aluminum body, and you can feel it right away. At 178g, it feels quite substantial in the palm of your hand, and some people will really like that “solid” feel. The metal back cover and the all-glass front feel “premium” to the touch. It’s definitely different from the more plastic feel (and weight) of the Nexus 5X.

As you may know, Huawei is the company that Google partnered with to build the Nexus 6P, and this reflects on how fast and how aggressively Huawei has improved the build quality. Usually, Google’s designers are the ones who ultimately deciding what the design look like, and what the budget is, but Huawei has to ultimately make it happen.

It’s clear that Google and Huawei have very different business goals here: Google wants to set the bar for Android handsets (vs. just making money) and Huawei wants to show what it can do when it is not limiting itself to high-impact “value per dollar” phones, which is its specialty. Both companies seem to have hit the nail in the head with this design.

On the black version which we have, the branding is very low-key. Although the Nexus logo is huge, it’s not very visible due to the low contrast with the background color. The white version is the exact opposite: the Nexus logo is extremely visible.

Nexus-6P-silver-03In the center, the fingerprint reader is visible. It has a little ridge that makes it easy to find and helps putting the (index) finger in the right location. Although other designs may have some physical clues to help locate the fingerprint reader’s location, I found the bevel design to be the best for now. The difference is subtle, but I found it to be sufficiently better to take notice.

Finally, at the top, there is a prominent feature with black glass that houses the camera, and the wireless antennas (metal does block radio signals). You may or may not like this phone design feature, but it helps reinforce the sense that the camera is very important (more on that in a bit!).

Nexus-6P-Black-01I really like the design which gives the phone a solid, premium feel, even if it doesn’t beat the S6 Edge family in terms of pure design and elegance (my take). I prefer the black version, but drop a comment to let me know which one you like.

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515 PPI
~$450 - Amazon
12 MP
F2 Aperture F-Stop
178 g
3450 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
Snapdragon 810 + None
Storage (GB)
Nexus 6P Review
Score: 10/10
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