Google may have killed the Nexus program but it appears that ZTE wants to carry the baton forward. To be fair, Google has ditched Nexus because it doesn’t fit in the “Made by Google” vision that it has got going with the Pixel handsets even though the new flagships offer the stock Android experience that people loved Nexus devices for. According to a report, ZTE is considering making stock Android smartphones which would provide an experience quite similar to what people have been used to with Nexus handsets.

ZTE USA launched a community poll a couple of months ago asking users if they preferred to use Android devices that offered a stock or close to stock experience. Many users agreed that they like a stock experience and the company is now asking them why they prefer using unadulterated Android.

According to a new report, ZTE now appears to be thinking about launching smartphones powered by stock Android. It would be the result of the company listening to what its fans want. ZTE has been very open to customer feedback these days so it might respond accordingly by launching smartphones that provide an almost Nexus-like experience.

The community poll is still open where ZTE fans can express their views on why they prefer stock Android over customizations. It merits mentioning here that the company hasn’t confirmed anything about plans for a new smartphone at this point in time so it might be a while before we see Nexus-like devices from this company.

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