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Lenovo Group Limited, commonly known as Lenovo, is a Chinese consumer electronics company that is based in Morrisville, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1984 in Beijing, China by Chinese businessman Liu Chuanzhi, and was eventually incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988 under its former name, Legend. Lenovo became a publicly traded company after listing in Hong Kong in 1994. The name Lenovo, which is a shortened portmanteau of the words Legend and the Latin word "novo" (meaning: new) was officially used in 2003 when the company announced its plans to develop outside China. Lenovo's products include personal computers, notebooks, tablets, AIOs, mobile phones, servers, storage devices, workstations, and more. Lenovo is one of the world's largest PC vendors.

Lenovo Wants To Break Into US Smartphone Market

05/27/2013, While Lenovo might be known for their computers, they aren’t exactly a brand that comes to mind when one thinks about smartphones. However the company is looking to change that as they are hoping to bring more of its smartphones to the US market within...

Chinese OEMs Rumored To Be Avoiding Windows Phone For 2013

05/14/2013, While Nokia seems to be enjoying some measure of success with their Lumia series of Windows Phone devices, other OEMs such as HTC, Samsung, ZTE and etc. have sort of taken a back seat, especially considering Nokia’s really good relationship with...

Lenovo ThinkPad S431 Is Powered By Windows 8

04/30/2013, Lenovo has just announced their latest addition to their notebook stable, the Lenovo ThinkPad S431 which runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. The Lenovo ThinkPad S431 will be equipped with a multi-finger touchscreen display that will be able...

Lenovo Helix Begins To Ship

04/23/2013, The Lenovo Helix is certainly a thing of beauty, right from the moment that we laid eyes on it at CES earlier this year in Las Vegas.