lenovo_air_proBack when the first MacBook Air was launched, many weren’t exactly thrilled by the specs and its price, but over the years consumers have warmed up to the idea of an extremely portable and fast laptop, which is why following the MacBook Air, we’ve seen other OEMs try to create their own slim and fast laptops.


Just recently Xiaomi announced the Mi Notebook Air, and now it looks like Lenovo wants to take a stab at it by launching their own version, the Lenovo Air 13 Pro, which if we have to be honest sounds like they mashed the names of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro together, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing as the Air 13 Pro does pack some pretty impressive specs.

Right off the bat, the slim nature of the laptop is probably the most obvious, but don’t let its slim exterior fool you. The laptop features a 13.3-inch IPS display and under the hood, we are looking at an Intel i5-6200U processor with 4GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a 2GB NVIDIA GT940MX GPU. We would have preferred 8GB of RAM, but we suppose it’s still not too shabby.

In terms of pricing, the Air 13 Pro isn’t particularly expensive. It is priced at around $750 and is currently available for pre-registration, although the prices are expected to rise to about $825 once pre-registration ends. The laptop was announced in China so for now, we have no idea if there are plans to bring it to the US.

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