It seems that Lenovo is not content with just making smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and computers. It looks like the company is now looking towards fitness and health-related products because at Lenovo’s Tech World event, the company took the wraps off a pair of smart fitness-tracking shoes.

As you can see in the photo, the Lenovo smart shoes look like your typical pair of sports shoes, but it will come with a host of features that will put your other shoes to shame. Like we said, these are smart shoes and they will come with health-monitoring sensors, like your steps, calories burned, and wireless charging.

It also comes with lights at the bottom and features a 3D printed insole which in theory would allow the shoes to fit you much better. To top things off, these shoes can also be used as a gaming controller, which we can only imagine might be great (and tiring) for endless runners, or maybe some kind of Dance Dance Revolution style game.

That being said, these shoes are currently a prototype and exist more as a proof-of-concept rather than an actual product, but if anything it does hint at the direction companies are looking at in terms of wearables.

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