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PlayStation Network Will Be Down For Over 12 Hours Tomorrow

08/27/2014 -- Sony has announced today that it has rescheduled planned PlayStation Network maintenance to Thursday, August 28th. As a result PSN will be down for more than 12 hours between 16:00 and 05:00 BST. During this time it will not be possible […]

Doctor Who Will Land On Minecraft For Xbox 360

08/27/2014 -- Fans of the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who will love this latest development. As part of a deal between BBC Worldwide, Microsoft Studios and Mojang, a range of Doctor Who assets will be released for Minecraft on Xbox 360. Characters from […]

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 Goes Live

08/27/2014 -- A game like Diablo 3 will not grow old too fast, and with the introduction of patches from time to time, it will get more balanced out eventually, closing the doors to any kind of potential abuse (or workarounds) by […]

$149.99 Standalone Kinect Sensor Arrives This October 7th

08/27/2014 -- Earlier this morning, we were talking about how Microsoft has decided to sell the Kinect sensor as a standalone peripheral for the Xbox One console, and while there was no concrete date of when this particular Kinect sensor will go […]

Woman Attributes Wii U Dancing Game To Saving Her Life

08/27/2014 -- We have heard stories of how video games have managed to save lives. For example earlier this year we heard how an 11-year old who played Grand Theft Auto managed to save the life of his grandfather, and now according […]

Microsoft To Sell Standalone Kinect For $149

08/27/2014 -- Microsoft took a rather bold decision of not bundling the Kinect sensor with their latest console, the Xbox One, on store shelves, and yet this strategic move was not enough to sway the tide of popular opinion when it comes […] Hit By DDOS Attack

08/26/2014 -- It looks like the group known as the Lizzard Squad, who were the ones that claimed responsibility for the attack on Sony’s PS4 network which was an effort to raise awareness on how Sony should focus more on security in […]

Elder Scrolls Online Subscribers To Get A Free Pet

08/26/2014 -- When it comes to the world of gaming, you can be sure that people tend to gravitate toward a particular genre due to their skillset and interest, and within that genre itself, there will be several franchises where you can […]

Mario Kart 8 DLC Is A Heavyweight With 16 New Courses

08/26/2014 -- Mario Kart 8 is a game that is worth checking out, and is considered to be a killer title for the Nintendo Wii U. This is one example on how a piece of software is able to push hardware sales, […]

Tablet Gaming Revenue To More Than Triple By 2019

08/26/2014 -- When it comes to gaming, do you prefer to play mobile games on your smartphone or your tablet? We guess it depends on personal preference since smartphones tend to be more portable, but at the same time tablets with their […]