Dell/Alienware introduced many future concepts under the NYX brand in 2022. Now we’re getting more details at CES 2023, and the Concept NYX Controller is probably the most interesting and potentially pragmatic part of NYX.

Unlike its 2022 equivalent, the new 2023 Concept NYX controller uses a design and ergonomics proven to work (don’t fix something that’s not broken). However, several cool additions and ideas could improve “the future of gaming.” There are new ideas in areas such as Biometrics, Force Feedback, Multitasking, or Input Types.

On the biometric front, what if the controller could recognize who’s holding it? It’s not uncommon to have multiple people using a console in a household, and wouldn’t it be nice if the controller could log you into the proper account with all your personal preferences as you pick it up?

As you play, your game character might get into a tight situation and become stunned or wounded. If that’s the case, the controller could use force feedback to make you “feel” the struggle when trying to move around, adding another layer to the game experience. The same force feedback could make driving an antique vehicle feel much different than a modern one.

Some of this could be implemented with existing technologies, but it seems like Dell wants to take it to the next level.

New input types would include scroll wheels that make switching items or weapons as easy as on PC with a mouse. Depending on the implementation, this would make a lot of sense, and it’s even surprising that it isn’t yet widespread.

The good news is these ideas are not entirely “out there,” and there’s a reasonable chance Dell (or someone else, we’re looking at you, Razer) could implement them in a not-so-distant future. Remember, this is a concept, not a product. It remains to be seen how much each adds to the existing gaming experience, but we need OEMs like Dell to push the envelope and not just be content with the current status quo.

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