Destiny 2 Players On Stadia Will Only Match With Other Stadia Players

Bungie recently confirmed that Destiny 2 will be available from Google Stadia, the company’s online game streaming service which will enable users to stream console-quality games on smartphones and even Chromebooks. All that’s required is a decent internet connection and a subscription to Stadia. Bungie has now revealed that Destiny 2 players on Stadia will initially be able to play against other Destiny 2 players on Stadia.

Former Epic Director Reveals He Had Tried To Cancel Fortnite’s Development

Fortnite is one of the most popular games at the moment and it is a huge money maker for Epic. However, it seems that had one former Epic director had his way, Fortnite would have been cancelled and it would never have been made a reality. This is according to an interview with Game Informer where former Epic director Rod Fergusson talked about his time at the company.

Valve Launches Another Dota Spin-Off In ‘Underlords’

It has been a long time since Valve released a brand new IP, and if you were hoping for that to happen, you might be in for a wait. However, it seems that in the meantime, the company is looking to leverage its existing IP by announcing the launch of a new game based on the Dota franchise called “Underlords”.

Square Enix Is Considering A Subscription Service For Its Games

Square Enix has been around for a long time, and as such, they have created a ton of games over the years that they have been active. For those who love the company’s games, the good news is that Square Enix could be considering launching a subscription or streaming service where gamers will be able to access their entire catalogue of games.


Google Releases Free Drag-And-Drop Tool That Lets You Build 3D Games

Developers of video games have a pretty tough job. This is because there’s really no way to fully satisfy each and every single gamer out there, where even highly-rated games will always have gamers who will complain about something, about features that should be changed, and so on.

Bethesda Will Be Bringing ‘Fallout Shelter’ To Tesla Cars

For some reason, Tesla thought that it might be a good idea to put video games in its cars. We suppose it does help set it apart from the competition, although we have to wonder if it will really make it that much bigger of a draw. Regardless, fans of Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter will be pleased to learn that the game will be coming to Tesla cars in the future.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake ‘First Class’ Collector’s Edition Revealed

With Square Enix confirming that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is set for a release in March 2020, we’re sure that many gamers out there are pretty excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the game. If that’s you, then you might also be interested to learn that Square Enix has announced that there will be a collector’s edition that gamers can buy.

Xbox Boss Shows Camaraderie By Saying E3 Isn’t As Good Without Sony’s Presence

It’s no secret that as far as consoles are concerned, Microsoft and Sony are rivals with their Xbox and PlayStation platforms respectively. For years, both companies have enjoyed a healthy rivalry and it shows, especially this year where Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed his competition some camaraderie.

Stranger Things Mobile RPG Being Developed By Netflix

Stranger Things has been a hit for Netflix so it makes sense why the company would want to continue to capitalize on this property. The online streaming giant has confirmed that it’s working on a mobile RPG for Stranger Things. It has teamed up with developer Next Games for this project.

Corsair’s New Gaming Mouse Tracks Its Center Of Gravity In Real-Time

Corsair today announced its new Nightsword RGB gaming mouse design which joins its portfolio of high-performance gaming gadgets. The mouse has an 18,000 DPI sensor in addition to a smart tunable weight system which tracks the current mouse weight and center of gravity in real-time for finer calibration.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Upgraded And Cheaper Nintendo Switch Coming This Year

According to the rumors, Nintendo could be launching new Nintendo Switch units this year. Now according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that those rumors are coming true because the publication has “confirmed” that we might be able to expect two new Switch consoles later in the year.

Torchlight II Will Come To PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch This September

Back in the days of Diablo, some of the developers behind the game left Blizzard where they formed their own studio, Runic Games, which resulted in the Torchlight series, which many had hailed back then as a possible alternative to Diablo for those who enjoy this style of game.

Konami Launches Its Own Mini Console, The TurboGrafx-16

Konami wants in on the mini console action as well. The company has announced the launch of its TurboGrafx-16 Mini. The idea here is the same as we have already seen on other retro console launches. It’s a mini console which will come pre-loaded with a handful of titles. Six have been confirmed so far for the TurboGrafx-16 Mini which will be launched as the PC Engine Mini in Japan […]

Microsoft Reassures Development On Age Of Empires 4 Is Making Good Progress

Back in 2017, Microsoft confirmed that they would be working on a new Age of Empires game. The franchise hasn’t really seen any new titles in recent times, although Microsoft has been trying to keep interest in it renewed by launching remasters of existing titles. This includes the first Age of Empires and at E3 2019, Microsoft also confirmed Age of Empires II would be getting a remaster.