PUBG, one of the most popular games in the battle-royale category, is about to get some exciting updates. The developers have published a roadmap outlining the upcoming changes including a potential shift to a new game engine, anti-cheat improvements, gameplay mechanic changes, and the addition of a new map, called Neon.

The studio behind the development is currently testing out different engine options, with plans to port one of the existing maps to a new engine version. Additionally, PUBG Studios is considering implementing modding, new destruction elements, and balancing the gunplay to offer a better experience.

About the upcoming changes, the developer said:

“We are currently testing out various options and attempting to port one of our maps to a new engine version. Please bear in mind that this is not yet decided whether this transition will be possible, however, we will do our best to give it a try […] While details are still being ironed out, we will make sure to give you updates in the future.”

To make standard PUBG matches more enjoyable, the team plans to improve items, Blue Zone, and vehicle spawn rates, revamp tactical gear, and add a new revive system. The studio is also developing a new gameplay system for the Neon map that will offer a fresh way of obtaining items:

“In 2023, we aim to alleviate those stress factors and increase enjoyment by providing a variety of content. Changes planned to improve Normal Match include improving item/Blue Zone/vehicle spawn rates, revamping tactical gear, and adding a new revive system […] Overall, our intent is to minimize the stress in Normal Match by improving various elements without compromising the core gameplay.”

Other planned updates include new game modes, improved social features, a clan system, anti-cheat improvements, and the use of advanced machine-learning systems to enhance the game. The full roadmap provides further details on these developments, and the studio plans to keep players updated on their progress.

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