Pimped Out John

Roto-Rooter from US seem to have its head in the clouds when the company conceived the idea of the Pimped Out John. This is definitely one toilet which would drive any geek wild, boasting a 20″ Philips LCD TV (no idea if it is full HD or not), an Xbox 360 console, a DVD player, a Gateway EMachine laptop with robot arm , an iPod docking station with a built-in toilet paper dispenser, a TiVo DVR, an Avanti refrigerator with a beer tap (to replenish the fluids you just expelled I presume), and exercise bike, and an electric cup warmer. This toilet is as real as my mother, and Roto-Rooter will be giving it out for free in an online sweepstake. I guess the pimpin’ out culture is getting more and more pervasisve these days as everybody tries to find a voice of individuality in a sea of normalcy. One thing’s for sure – the flush had better not splash any water over the surrounding sensitive electronics!

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