Asus MARS 295 Limited Edition Video Card

Limited edition items are always welcome as they have far more significant value compared to standard issue ones, but do they fare as well when it comes to computing parts? That’s the question to answer with Asus working on their new MARS 295 Limited Edition video card. This model will be blazing fast, featuring two GTX 285s to offer a combined memory pool of 4GB – bear in mind that each GPU unit can only access 2GB though. Both cards are stored within a single casing (hopefully they’ve got a super efficient cooling solution going on here…), and will be bridged together via a third-party chip. The MARS 295 will take up a couple of expansion slots, and by virtue of being SLI-capable, it enables one to run a quad-285 setup when placed in a matching pair. No idea on pricing, but be prepared to pay through your nose for it.

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