Maingear Pulse PC Aims to Be The Greenest Gaming Rig

With high-powered CPU and up to three GPUs fed by 1000+W power supplies, Gaming PCs have a bad reputation because they are indeed power hogs. But Maingear computer thinks that you can enjoy a form of gaming that is less taxing on electricity and the environment. The Pulse PC is a low-power computer with a bias towards graphics processing – that’s why Maingear presents it as a “gaming PC”. Here are the highlights:

  • Intel 65 Watt dual or quad core CPU
  • NVIDIA Ion Chipset with internal GF 9300 GPU
  • Optional Geforce 9800GT ECO graphics card
  • 300W Power Supplt (80% efficient)

This is definitely not a “powerful” gaming rig, and many hardcore gamers would not call this a gaming rig at all, but it’s one of the first ION-based computer that come with a powerful CPU, so it’s worth taking a look. The integrated GeForce 9300 isn’t all that fast, but it will run older games great, and more recent games will work, although with reduced image quality/resolution. More about NVIDIA and Ion.

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