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LinkedIn Confirms Pulse News Purchase
Business networking site LinkedIn did make a few quick rounds sometime in the middle of March this year concerning the possibility of them purchasing Pulse News for a cool $90 million. Well, I guess as with all other good rumors out there, these will either be confirmed or debunked in due time, and the same applies with this particular rumor where both companies – LinkedIn as well as Pulse News, […]

Pulse heart rate monitor is a thing of beauty
When it comes to medical devices such as hearing aids and heart rate monitors, most folks who use them would prefer a more discreet design, although some folks do not mind the world to know that they are wearing one. For folks who are not too comfortable divulging their medical condition to the general public, or want a trendy looking heart rate monitor during your workouts, the Pulse heart rate […]

Pulse news reader launches for the web
If you like your tech news served on a mobile device, then perhaps Pulse isn’t so foreign to you. I personally love using the app on my Android device, although sometimes I wish I could use it on my Windows PC as well. And it turns out that the team behind the app has considered the possibility of launching a special version for the web. Today, Pulse for the Web […]

DIY Pulse Laser Gun is scary
A hobbyist named Patrick Priebe has come up with one gun you don’t want your kids to be playing around with. Called the DIY Pulse Laser Gun, it does exactly what its name says – it shoots lasers. This device made in the comfort of his own home is not something you want to mess with. According to the description of the gun: “It holds a small pulse laser head, […]


Pulse auditory system for little ones
It can get pretty tough for young kids to get used to wearing a hearing aid if they happen to experience some sort of hearing disability, where your regular hearing aid can be an uncomfortable, disconcerting, and embarrassing experience. Nice to know that someone out there has a heart for such kids, coming up with the Pulse – an auditory system that intends to smoothen this rather difficult transition by […]

Kodak Pulse digital photo frame
Kodak rolls out not another digital camera, but the Pulse digital photo frame which has yet to be formally introduced. The Pulse will boast a 8″ touchscreen color display at 800 x 600 resolution, where you get a 4:3 aspect ratio as well as 512MB of internal memory. Expect the Pulse to handle all the usual memory card formats including SD, SDHC, MMC, xD and the Memory Stick/Memory Stick PRO […]

Maingear Pulse PC Aims to Be The Greenest Gaming Rig
With high-powered CPU and up to three GPUs fed by 1000+W power supplies, Gaming PCs have a bad reputation because they are indeed power hogs. But Maingear computer thinks that you can enjoy a form of gaming that is less taxing on electricity and the environment. The Pulse PC is a low-power computer with a bias towards graphics processing – that’s why Maingear presents it as a “gaming PC”. Here […]