lok8u gps

If you’re the type to be constantly worried about the whereabouts of your kids, certainly understandable giving society in this day and age, you’ll certainly want to take a peek at the Lok8u GPS child tracker from NuM8. Said device comes in the form of a digital wrist watch that will allow parents to monitor their child’s location via Google Maps. A text message can be configured to warn you if it has been removed without your authority. The Lok8u makes use of A-GPS too, which will help if your child is indoors often. It supposedly lasts 2 to 3 days on a single charge, which sounds rather fair. The device is going for £150 in the UK and monthly fees range from £5 to £20. £5 allows you to get 1 update a month, while £20 gets your unlimited, which sounds like a better deal.

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